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Selfcare Tips for Freelancers

Today I'm sharing a special guest post from Veronica Baas on self-care for freelancers. As a freelance writer myself, I know how hard it is to keep a healthy work/life balance when sometimes the lines are blurry. These tips are so important to keep yourself not only working your best, but also feeling…

  • Something sweet to start off this week Today Im playing
  • I try to avoid talking about my political beliefs online
  • Im spending the weekend exploring Charleston and attending yallfest a
  • Ive been too exhausted for Instagram lately especially since getting
  • Me  my dream car For real when I was
  • This week has been so hectic with so much client
  • Real talk working for myself is really stressful! I try
  • Happy 90th birthday to my favorite mouse  hurray for