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How to make a blog email list for free

Today, we experienced an Instagram apocalypse. It's as scary as it sounds. Facebook and Instagram are still down as I type this. No cute photos. No likes. It's like living under a rock or something. That's why I thought now was the best time to share how to make an email list for…

Work more efficiently from home as a freelancer

How to Work More Efficiently from Home


This is a guest post from Kevin of Broadband Search about how to work more efficiently from home. If you’re interested in guest posting on Samanthability, check out my guidelines here. I love to feature creative experts! Improving your personal efficiency and productivity is essential to growing your freelance business. After all, it’s just you, so being able

  • Heres a reallife photo of me being an Angsty Youth
  • Shoutout to the last time I was in real Paris
  • My oh my what a wonderful day  I wish
  • Me when Im avoiding my freelancing responsibilities by going to
  • Took a halfday off work yesterday and went resort hopping!
  • Happy St Patricks Day! I was lucky enough to visit
  • Flashback to colder months because its cold again in Florida??
  • Plants  plants  more plants This is my last