30 Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix

Binge-watching shows on Netflix is one of my only favorite hobbies. When I start a show, I take it very seriously. We’re talking full on binge-watching, like forgetting to eat/function for days while I watch TV in the dark. I usually have to force myself to go outside so I can remember that there’s an entire world outside of my living room. I commit myself to one show at a time, but it’s always useful to have a list of shows to move onto next so I don’t get stuck in a spiral of post-show depression. Here’s my go-to list of binge-worthy shows to watch on Netflix.



I always keep comedy shows in my queue in case the more intense show I’m watching (I’m looking at you Grey’s Anatomy) becomes too emotional and I need a break. These are guaranteed to distract you from whatever depressing show you’re watching on the side! Even better, you can watch these out of order or whenever you just want to laugh a bit.

  1. Parks and Rec* Witty and perfect. Watch this now.
  2. The Office Who doesn’t love this show?
  3. Bobs Burgers* Probably the funniest cartoon ever made ever.  
  4. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt* Written by Tina Fey and does not disappoint!
  5. Master of None Surprisingly touching comedy.
  6. Fuller House If you loved Full House, you’ll fall in love with this.
  7. Friends Classic.
  8. New Girl Easy watching.
  9. Arrested Development Another  classic.
  10. Louie CK Darker humor.


These are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat/bed until early hours of the morning. You’ll “just one more episode” your way through your entire life. You’ll probably cry. A lot.

  1. Greys Anatomy* I can’t even talk about Greys. It’s too soon. Just watch it.
  2. Orange is the New Block* Witty and deep and perfect.
  3. Gossip Girl My guilty pleasure.
  4. Gilmore Girls Classic.
  5. Once A modern take on classic fairytales.
  6. The 100 Action packed dystopian.
  7. Friday Night Lights Drama and sports at their best.
  8. The Vampire Diaries Another guilty pleasure.
  9. Scandal Smart story with a female lead.
  10. Pretty Little Liars Girl drama at it’s best.


I’m more of a drama fan myself, but sometimes I need something a little more exciting. These are great choices for anyone interested in something fast paced and intense.

  1. Sherlock Homes* This show will out-smart you.
  2. Breaking Bad Packed with action and a unique storyline.
  3. Law and Order You can convince yourself you’re a crime scene investigator.
  4. Narcos Documentary-esque story of a drug lord.
  5. Jessica Jones Female superhero action!
  6. Dexter An anti-hero serial killer action fest.
  7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Action, romance, and a strong female lead?!
  8. The Walking Dead Lions, tigers, and zombies, oh my!
  9. Daredevil More superheroes.
  10. Supernatural The creature hunting show with a cult following.

* The best of the best

Happy binge-watching! What’s your favorite show to watch on Netflix?