College Studying

Best Apps for Studying

Studying apps make my life so much easier. As someone who has 12 hour days going from back-t0-back classes straight to work, studying on the go is an absolute must. These are my favorite apps for studying when I have no time at all. If you like this, check out the Best Free Apps for College Students which features apps beyond studying!

college students studying iphone apps

Quizlet. Quizlet has long been one of my favorite study resources. Their phone app is super easy to use as well, and the games are actually fun! This app (and the website) let users search study guides from other students as well as create your own. It has several different methods  of the app for studying, including games which make studying actually enjoyable. The matching game is my favorite!

Studyblue. This app is really similar to quizlet, only there’s some more advanced options for flash cards. I like that it allows you to print them all at once, and that you can access the flash cards offline!

Word. I use this app all the time to proofread and write papers. It’s especially great for proofreading on your phone because it has a really legible mobile screen and easy editing tools. I’ve even been known to write out full papers on this baby! You can upload your documents to OneDrive or email them for easy access.

Evernote. This is the ultimate app for getting stuff done. You can add to-do lists, images, notes, and even audio. It’s accessible across several different devices, and will help you seriously get your life together.

Duolingo. As someone who struggles with foreign languages, this app is a must-have! I’m currently taking Spanish 1 (for the billionth time, don’t even ask) and even my professor recommends this app. It’s fun and makes learning languages a game!

The Homework App. I’ve only recently tried this one, but it’s so far been a good tool for organization. It displays your class schedules as well as upcoming assignments in a really user friendly interface.

These are my favorite apps for studying! They’re perfect for keeping up to date on assignments and studying on the go! I like studying whenever I can because it helps me utilize my time for maximum efficiency. For example, studying in the ten minutes I have between classes lessens the amount of time I have to study at home. This is great because I get home so late, the last thing I want to do after a long day is review flashcards. These are my favorite apps, what are yours?