Surviving your first real job after college!

Your First Real Job: A Survival Guide with Eight O’Clock Coffee Infusions

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Eight O’Clock Coffee for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I started my first real job just two months ago. After graduating in the spring, I took some time to find a job that I really was excited about, and now I work at a tiny marketing firm in downtown Orlando as a content writer. Being able to write all day for my first “real” job is a dream come true, but there was a lot I wasn’t prepared for when I got started. I was thrilled to partner with one of my favorite coffee brands Eight O’Clock Coffee to share how to survive your first real job!

Stay organized from the start with your first real job!

I thought my days of planning and taking notes were over when I left college but boy was I wrong! I only work a few days a week, so juggling my job, my freelancing, blogging, appointments, and even my social life is a lot more complicated than it used to be when I just went to class.

Now, I carry a planner which I bring with me to work. I also never leave for work without my journal for notes and lots and lots of pens. I even bring my Kindle because I’m such a nerd I can’t stand the thought of not reading on my lunch break! Staying organized has helped prepare me for meetings, and I feel legit when I get to walk around with a notebook.

surviving your first job

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

When I first started, I wasn’t sure about a lot of the protocol. It was pretty confusing at first, and I was worried to ask too many questions. I was afraid if I asked something, it would look like I wasn’t paying attention or like I wasn’t qualified for the job. I would spend forever trying to figure things out on my own. Now, I make a point of asking questions as soon as I think of them, and I realized it’s completely normal and even encouraged to ask questions at your first real job!

Pay attention to company culture.

One of the biggest things I looked for when applying to jobs was company culture. I knew I wanted a small, laid-back environment, and luckily that’s what I found with this job. At first, you might not really know what to expect from the company culture so it’s best to learn by experience. Pay attention to how everyone dresses and communicates. Is it a relaxed office or are people a little more formal? Do your best to fit in and make a good impression!

surviving your first job

Fuel yourself for success!

If you’ve read my blog before (or seen literally any of my Instagram photos), you’ll know I am addicted to coffee. I probably have two cups a day at work, one in the morning and once again in the afternoon. I’ve loved getting to try the new Eight O’Clock Infusions blends because they’re literally perfect for everything.

There’s the Alert Hi-Caffeine Infusion which is my personal favorite because it packs a major burst of energy. I drink this one first thing in the morning when I’m still waking up! It makes me feel super optimistic about my day and I’m always ready to go by our first work meeting at 9:30. Other blends include Super Spice which is made with turmeric and cinnamon (yum!) and B6 Metabolism which is rich in Vitamin B6 for a metabolism boost.

surviving your first job

Throughout the day, I’ve started drinking the Acai Glow Infusion which is fruity and light, perfect for an afternoon pick up! On the rare occasion, I even drink coffee closer to bedtime (I truly am an addict!) and I opt for the Relax Decaffeinated infusions because it’s actually got chamomile and lavender which helps me calm before bed.

You can try the new
Eight O’Clock Coffee Infusions yourself if you buy online or in-store! You can also head to their site to get $1 off with this coupon. If you’re like me and you take coffee seriously, you’re going to love the way there are different Eight O’Clock Infusions for every craving, no matter the time of day!

Most importantly, be yourself!

It’s easy to feel a lot of pressure when you start your first real job out of college. You might try to be someone you’re not because you think that’s what you need to do to succeed. In all honesty, it’s best to be honest and truthful about your skills and how you wish to grow as an employee. It’s more important to be willing to learn than to already know everything!

If you’re prepared and positive, you’re already a success! Just don’t forget to bring a cup of coffee with you for some extra support!

What are your top tips for surviving your first real job?

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