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10 Best Freelance Jobs for College Students

A few months ago I posted about the best freelance jobs for recent grads. It just occurred to me that many of these jobs (and others!) would be perfectly suited to college students as well. So here I am with the best freelance jobs for college students!

When I was in college back in the olden days (not long ago at all, actually), I threw myself into freelancing. Writing gigs and blogging saved me from my soul-crushing part-time jobs. These freelance jobs for college students are not only just a way to earn extra pizza money. They prepare you to enter the workforce, or even start your own business. 

Why Look for Freelance Jobs for College Students?

Sure, you can get an on-campus job or an unpaid internship. You can wait tables or fold clothes. But odds are you aren’t majoring in low-paying service gigs, and you want to gain legit experience. Today, 1 in 5 American workers is an independent contractor (a fancy term for a freelancer). Why not get in on this trend early?

This freelancing revolution is only growing. The days of crappy college jobs are coming to an end. With these freelance jobs for college students, young people can finally free themselves from long hours and inflexible schedules. That means more time to devote to schoolwork and building your experience. 

That’s not to say that freelancing is easy. Actually, it’s pretty hard work. If you’d rather find an online job that’s a little more structured, check out my guide to online jobs for college students.

What are the best freelance jobs for college students?

  • English teacher
  • Data entry
  • Blogger
  • Graphic designer
  • Powerpoint designer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • IT support and development
  • Online reseller
  • Customer service
  • Bookkeeping

College students are perfectly suited for online gigs. Let’s talk about which freelance jobs for college students do more than just pay the bills.

1. Online English Teacher

Do you like interacting with kids (or adults!) and want to help others? Online tutoring is majorly on the rise, and it’s a great opportunity even if you aren’t interested in pursuing teaching full-time after college.

Plus, you don’t need any prior skills or experience as long as you’re a fluent English speaker. 

Most online tutoring gigs involve working with kids in other countries and teaching them English. Sometimes the organization provides material, and other times you just interact with the kid in English.

Depending on the service you work with, you can be paid upwards of $10 an hour, and you have full control over your schedule. However, be aware of time zone differences which might require you to work at unconventional times. Let’s be real, college students are already up unusual hours anyway! 

Online Tutoring Companies

  • Q Kids – Earn $16+ an hour teaching English online to kids in China. You must be able to commit at least 6 hours a week, and you need to be currently pursuing your Bachelor’s Degree. 
  • Say ABC – Earn $21+ an hour teaching kids pre-selected National Geographic content. You must be a college graduate or in your final year of study. 
  • AL07 – Earn $15 – $21 an hour teaching 1-3 Chinese students English. You must be a current degree-seeking student to qualify. 

2. Data Entry in College

It’s true, data entry isn’t the most glamorous. But, as a college student, you likely know your way around a keyboard. As long as you have a computer, an internet connection, and strong focus skills, you can be an online data entry clerk. 

You have two main options for finding data entry gigs as a freelancer in college. You can start your own business and pitch companies with your skills, or you can apply through a job site. The job sites will likely be more consistent, but they also might pay less. 

Data Entry Opportunities:

  • ClickWorker – Earn between $9-$15 an hour creating or correcting text and organizing data. 
  • Rev Transcriptionist – If you’re a fast, diligent typist, you might be cut out for Rev. As a Rev worker, you’ll transcribe videos and earn an average of $245 per week. 
  • Upwork – There are always data entry gigs on Upwork. Just set up a profile and get started. 
best freelance jobs for college students 2018

3. Make Money Blogging in College

I might be a little bit biased, but I think blogging is the best freelance job for college students. That’s probably because I started blogging in college, and this blog opened a lot of unexpected doors for me. 

If you want to start a blog, it’s easier and more affordable than you think. You’ll need a niche, some basic writing skills, and a lot of enthusiasm. While you probably won’t start making money right away with a blog, you have the opportunity to work with brands, earn through affiliate links, and even sell your own products. 

Instead of boring you with the best perks of blogging, I’ll direct you to my favorite blogging resources.

4. Graphic Designer

You don’t need a degree in graphic design to make it today as a graphic designer. If you have an eye for good design, you might just be able to build your own business. From editing photos to creating custom logos, graphic designers are always in demand. 

You’ll want to start by making a website to show off your design skills, and from there start marketing yourself. Look for opportunities on your own campus or around your community to build your portfolio. 

Graphic Design Selling Platforms

  • Creative Market – This design platform is perfect for selling digital resources, custom graphics, and even photography.
  • Etsy – You’ll find a lot of designers on Etsy! Set up a shop and get to work. 
  • Fiverr – Fiverr is a platform for selling your services, and this is where many business owners go for things like logos, branding, and more. 
  • Upwork Like Fiver, you’re free to bid for gigs on Upwork. Learn how to land the gig with these Upwork tips.

5. Powerpoint Slide Designer

Of all the freelancing jobs for college students, powerpoint slide designer is probably the most fitting. College students go with Powerpoint like bread to butter. You know your way around Powerpoint, and maybe you’ve been the designated slide creator in a group project. If so, you deserve to finally be paid for your efforts. 

Powerpoint and Slide Design Resources

  • Graphic River – PowerPoint presentations are priced anywhere from between $1 – $50 on Graphic River, and you can set your own prices. 
  • Creative Market – Like Graphic River, you can set up your own shop and name your prices on Creative Market. 

6. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is one of the most flexible freelance gigs for college students. You can do the work you want on your own time, and you get to work closely with other professionals. Freelance virtual assistants do everything from entry-level help to advanced business consulting. 

So what exactly is a virtual assistant? It’s someone who remotely helps professionals, bloggers, or just anyone who needs an assistant. They do things like answer emails, schedule social media posts, plan meetings, and bookkeeping. Depending on your skills, you can find a gig that works for you. 

Once again, you can choose to start your own VA business where you pitch prospective business owners, or you can work through an agency. You’ll usually earn an hourly wage, and you’re able to set your own hours in most cases. 

Virtual Assistant Opportunities

  • Upwork – If you’re confident pitching your services, Upwork is a great place to find people in need of your help.  
  • Time etc – With hourly rates starting at $11 an hour, Time etc matches you with clients around the country. 
  • Virtual Gal Friday – If you’re available part-time during normal business hours, you can be a virtual receptionist or office admin for medical and legal offices. 
best freelance jobs for college students 2018

7. IT Support & Web Development

Are you the person all your friends call when their computer breaks? You don’t need a computer science degree to start freelancing in IT support or even web development. In fact, you’d be surprised just what people will pay for others to do online because they’re not sure their way around WordPress or other simple applications. 

If you know how to develop and code websites, you’re a natural fit for selling your services or custom WordPress themes. Beyond that, you can apply for a position as an online IT support agent where you can assist people with their computer challenges. 

Tech Support and Development Gigs:

  • Upwork – As always, Upwork is a great place to land your own development, programming, and tech support gigs. You’ll need some examples to get started. 
  • Support – If you’re good at solving problems and helping others, you might be a good Support agent. Support hires remote agents to help with their vast array of software and applications. 
  • Plum Choice – All about helping brands deliver quality technical experiences, Plum Choice is always seeking remote tech support agents. Though some employment options are listed on their website, most are displayed through Monster

8. Online Reseller

If I learned anything from the best-selling book Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso, it’s that you can make a full-blown business from reselling things. As the Nasty Gal founder discovered, the internet is a resellers paradise. If you have an eye for fashion, quality, and trends, you can make quite the living selling local finds. 

What can you sell? Vintage clothes, books, revamped furniture, crafts, or anything else, honestly. The key is to make sure your resold items look great, and don’t undervalue the power of a styled photo and some Instagram marketing. 

Online Selling Platforms

  • Amazon Sellers Marketplace – Who doesn’t love Amazon? You already know you can sell just about anything on the platform, so why aren’t you?
  • Poshmark – Are you a fashion maven? Sell your old clothes and vintage finds on Poshmark to make a pretty penny. 
  • Cash4Books – Stop taking up space on your shelf with those old textbooks and exchange them for cash.  
Best freelance jobs for college students 2018

9. Customer Service

Customer service isn’t for everyone, but there are some perks to doing online, freelance customer support work. First, you can work from anywhere. Second, the pay is usually more. Finally, you don’t have to make eye contact with anyone. 

Online customer support as a freelancing job for college students has been on the rise, and you can make this trend work for you by jumping right into the industry. From helping with appointment setting to answering customer questions, this is an exciting option if you’re confident speaking on the phone. 

Customer Support Opportunities:

  • TeleTech – This company works with a variety of clients to bring them the best remote customer service agents. Many of their remote jobs start at $15 an hour. 
  • Mod Squad – Work from anywhere moderating social media profiles for different brands. This means responding to messages and comments and encouraging discussion online. 
  • American Express Travel – American Express is always hiring remote travel agents to assist cardholders with securing experiences. This includes paid training and the ability to work with a major organization. 

10. Editing and Proofreading in College

As a former writing tutor and full-time writer, I know the power of a good editor. Editing positions are always in demand, especially with so many digital writing positions online today.

You don’t need an English degree to rock this freelance job, but you’ll probably need to take a few tests to prove you’re ready to take on complex editing work. 

Online Editing & Proofreading Opportunities

  • Upwork – There are a lot of proofreading and long-term editing opportunities on Upwork, including long-form content editing in the form of novel and book editing. 
  • Proofreading Services – This online editing service is always hiring remote editors. To apply, you’ll need to pass a proofreading test.
  • Scribe – This service helps authors go from zero to published manuscript. They’re always hiring remote manuscript proofreaders. 

Make Money as a Freelancer in College

Now that I’ve blasted you with the best freelance jobs for college students, it’s time to go out there and get to work. While the last generation was busy “pounding the pavement” with their paper resumes, us Millennials and Gen Z have to find new ways to make ends meet.

Luckily, that no longer means we have to settle for low-paying service industry gigs that don’t pay the bills. 

What freelance jobs are you interested in as a college student? Let me know below! 

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