End of Summer Game Night In

Thank you Deer Lord! for sponsoring this post. Grab your new edition of Deer Lord! social party game, available through Target retail stores starting July 30.

If you’ve visited my blog before, you’ll know I’m a big fan of game nights. I was so excited to partner with Deer Lord this month because I got the chance to play this game recently and I have been so excited to play it again! For this post, I’m going to share my game night in with friends, and hopefully, it’ll inspire you to have your own game night in with friends!

End of the Summer Celebration

Moving across the state is exciting, but it’s also kind of lonely. All my friends and memories were left in my college town. After graduating a few months ago, we’ve all started to go our separate ways. I love my new city and all the new places to explore, but I also can’t deny that I miss the friends and the small town I left.

Summer is flying by faster than I ever thought possible, and the next few months will only bring more changes as I continue to get settled into my new home. I wanted to host an end of the summer celebration at my new apartment as a last big hurrah before all my friends and I were kept apart by things like school and careers.

Game Night In

As an introvert, I like few things better than a quiet night in. Loud music, crowds, and expensive drinks are a big turn off for me, and I’d much rather spend a fun night in with a few close friends! Over the last week of July, my friends from college visited one last time before the summer ended! We gathered yummy food and a few alcoholic beverages (read: cheap beer and Peach-A-Ritas) and my new favorite grown-up card game: Deer Lord!

How to host a game night in

The best way I can describe Deer Lord! is as a one of a kind experience. Deer Lord! is a social party game based around “Duels” and “Dupes.” When it’s a players turn, he or she can challenge another player to a duel. These are hilarious and include challenges like singing the best song, telling the best story, or mimicking the best monuments. The duels are hilarious, but the dupes are really what make this game roll-on-the-ground funny!

The duels are hilarious, but the dupes are really what make this game roll-on-the-ground funny! Dupe cards are tasks have to be carried out by each play in secret between turns without being caught. Some of my favorite dupes were to pretend another player is a celebrity, sing everything another player says, and to give a speech. Players win by calling out others in a dupe (by shouting ‘DEER LORD!”), successfully pulling off a dupe, or by winning a duel. Click here to see a Deer Lord! game in action.

How to host a game night in

Deer Lord! started as an independent game in Europe, and it’s clear why it’s spread in popularity! The game will be available starting July 30th in Target stores, and it’s soon to include different expansion packs like “Broadway” and “Gangsta” that might even make this game more hilarious if that’s even possible.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win any of the rounds my friends and I played! Turns out I’m really awful at duping people! We had a blast rolling on the ground laughing between rounds! Learn more about Deer Lord! here! 

How to host a game night in with friends

It was great to see my friends after so many months apart! We had a blast with our game night in, and I hope we are able to host another one in the near future! Deer Lord! is such a fun way to reconnect with my friends! I hope this post encourages you to host your own game night in with friends before this summer’s over!

What are your must-have’s for a game night in with friends? What games do you like? Let me know in the comments!

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