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Girl Power Podcasts: 10 Female-Driven Podcasts to Inspire

I’m back at it again with another podcast recs list. I listen to over 10 podcasts a week, so you could say I’m out of control. While I love all kinds of podcasts, I particularly like podcasts hosted by super cool women because who doesn’t love listening to inspiring women? Today, I’m going to share 10 girl power podcasts that you can listen to on your commute or between classes or while you clean your apartment, whatever.

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10 Girl Power Podcasts

My Favorite Murder

Yes, I’m sharing MFM yet again. No, I’m not ashamed. I listen to this podcast like a religious super-fan. I’m also seeing them live in Orlando this weekend so I’m about to be living. My Favorite Murder is hosted by Karen and Georgia who are two hilarious women that share murder stories. Even if you aren’t passionate about true crime, they make it upbeat and enjoyable even though it’s murder.

Anna Ferris is Unqualified

I think Anna Ferris is hilarious as an actress and I was so excited to try her podcast. Each week she interviews someone interesting and answers listener questions about relationship and life advice.

Girl on Guy

Comedian Aisha Tyler hosts Girls on Guy and I’m obsessed. Aisha does something different every episode, but I love how it feels like she’s a good friend. She’s unapologetically honest, just listen.

Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend

Alison Rosen is another unapologetically herself lady who delivers one of my favorite girl power podcasts. She talks about a little bit of everything in her podcast, and interviews interesting people, but my favorite segment is “Just Me or Everyone?” where she discusses whether “that thing you do” is normal or not.

I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman

I can’t listen to Jen Kirkman’s podcast while walking my dog anymore because it made me laugh so hard I would get crazy looks There is no way to describe this podcast other than Jen Kirkman just sits in bed and talks about random things. It’s weird and glorious.

Guys We F***ed

This podcast with the oh-so-eloquent title is self-described as the anti-slut-shaming podcast. Corinne and Krystyna interview guys they’ve slept with to make the world a more open place. I took a break from this podcast for a while, but I was recently sucked back in. Don’t let the name scare you away, it’s amazing.

The Lively Show

The Lively Show with Jess Lively focuses less on comedy and more on lifestyle and business. I like variety in my podcasts, so The Lively show inspires me to actually post on my blog and get my life together.


In case you get too much sleep at night, the medical podcast Sawbones hosted by Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband discusses the often horrific way humans have treated medical conditions in the past. This is my fellow serial Googlers who compulsively look up weird medical problems and can’t look away.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Nora McInerny created a podcast based around the question most of us get asked all day: “How are you?” She asks the right questions and gets her interviewees to open up about the awkward realities of life. This show definitely isn’t lighthearted, but it’s cathartic like a good late night cry.

Good Muslim, Bad Muslim

The two ladies behind this girl power podcast share their experiences as a Muslim woman in America. In today’s political climate, it’s important to listen to different voices and perspectives. Taz and Zahara are witty and they inspire me to be a better human.

Happy Listening!

There you have it, my favorite girl power podcasts to entertain and inspire. I tried to include a variety of perspectives and genres to meet every taste, but I’m always looking to add more subscriptions to my already overflowing iTunes account. What are your favorite podcasts?

10 Girl Power Podcasts to inspire and entertain
The best girl power podcasts to inspire and entertain