girls night out essentials

5 Girls Night Out Essentials

I’ve talked a lot on this blog about how to host a killer night in, but I’ve never talked about how to have a great night out. As a broke college grad, I don’t have a ton of money to splurge on bottle service or VIP clubs. However, I’ve never let that stop me from having a great time (on a budget)! I’m partnering with Bed Head to share the top girls night essentials!

Girls night out is the best way to have much needed girls-only time without the suffocating pressure of our male-driven society. I’ve been getting ready for College Fashion Week by Her Campus which I will be attending in New York City this weekend on September 30th! Bed Head is one of the awesome sponsors of this exciting event, so I’m excited to share these girls night out essentials!

Craft your MANE masterpiece

I’m always super self-conscious about my hair when I go out which is why I looked forward to trying the Culipops 1″ Reversed Tapered Curling Iron by Bed Head. Living in Florida with curly, dry hair is a constant battle with frizz. I can’t mess around with weak products over here, I need the big guns. 

girls night out essentials

The best part of this Bed Head Culipops wand is how it’s reversely tapered, meaning I can easily achieve the big, flowing curls without having to manipulate my hand weird ways around the wand. My biggest pet peeve about using traditional curling wands is that they make my already poofy hair even poofier.

No matter how hard I try, I always end up looking like Hermione Granger post-potion accident, if you know what I mean. The Bed Head Curlipop reverse tapered wand was different

girls night out essentials

The Bed Head Curlipop reverse tapered wand was different in that I got all the volume I wanted at the bottom, but not at the top where my hair tends to frizz. Let me tell you, it was life-changing. Bed Head also includes a heat protecting glove so, if you’re a clutz like me, you don’t burn yourself a million times. This is the future, people.

Once you’re looking your best, you’re ready to take on the night! Let’s talk about some unique ideas for a girls night out!

Walkable Shoes

When it comes to sensible footwear, I don’t PLAY. Every girl goes through moments where she swears she can walk in stilettos. This moment lasts maybe twenty minutes before the crippling pain of high heels triumphs.

Invest in a pair of shoes that looks cute but doesn’t make you inside. When it comes to choosing walkable heels, here are some quick and dirty tips:

  • The thicker the heel, the more balance you’ll have.
  • Expose your shoes to different surfaces before you commit to wearing them on a night out.
  • This should go without saying, but buy shoes that fit! Support is much more support when it comes to heels than, say, sneakers.
  • Get some comfy shoe inserts to help relieve the pressure!

girls night out essentials

Makeup Setting Spray

We’ve all been there. You’re out on the dance floor killing it to Miley Cyrus or whatever and you stop for a second to go to the bathroom. That’s when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and see the monster you’ve become. Your mascara might have been perfect before, but now is smudged down your cheekbones. You wonder how your friends let you wander around for so long with lipstick on your teeth.

Settling spray is an easy way to avoid the monster makeup meltdown that’s sure to happen while you’re out with your friends. This organic setting spray goes on matte and can survive a night out in Orlando so you know it’s quality.

A Phone Charger

My iPhone is elderly and it randomly turns off for no reason, so a phone charger is a must. Nothing is worse than having your phone die during girls night. How else will you be able to share your amazing night via Snapchat and Instagram Stories? Because I’m 100% done with my phone’s nonsense, I just use a chargeable case. 

girls night out essentials

The Best Girls Night Out

Whether you’ve been planning a girls night out for weeks or you’re spontaneously meeting your friends tonight, these essentials will help ensure you have an unstoppable night out! Have fun with it! Pretend it’s someone’s birthday or take turns being the bride in a spur of the moment bachelorette party. It’s your night, do it your way!

This post is sponsored by Bed Head Styling and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Samanthability possible!