How to grow your brand with TikTok

Grow Your Brand with TikTok

As a hip, young millennial on the cusp of Gen Z, I’d like to think I was a TikTok pioneer. That’s why I was so intrigued about this guide to the best way to grow your brand with TikTok.

We’ve got another guest post today, and this one is from Morgan. Morgan is a video production business owner, so she knows her stuff when it comes to video—and yes, even TikTok.

Aside from memes and cringe dance videos, it turns out TikTok is a great resource for building a brand users trust. That might just be a good enough reason to trust your personal info to another government, right? Sounds good to me!

How to use TikTok to grow your brand

What Is TikTok?

Essentially, TikTok is a social media platform where users create short, bite-sized videos (up to 60 seconds). Whenever someone posts a video, it’s put onto the ‘For You Page,’ which is similar to the Explore page on Instagram. 

The goal is to create content that is engaging enough to stay on the For You Page for as long as possible. This will help your video to increase in views, comments, and shares. Hopefully, it will also yield more followers. Interesting, right?

Video marketing plays a really big role when you want to grow your brand with TikTok. Using different video engagement tricks will draw users in to keep watching your videos.

Outside of creating these short videos, users have the ability to go live after they hit 1000 followers on TikTok. This feature is also very interesting as those who go live can receive gifts from other users, which translates into money.

Why Grow Your Brand with TikTok?

So you are probably wondering why you should be investing your time into a platform like TikTok. For a while, a lot of people made fun of this platform because of the dancing videos and viral memes. TikTok developed a reputation for not being a serious, money-making, business platform.

In the last six months or so, TikTok has gained HUGE popularity. The TikTok user base increased significantly. According to Business Insider, TikTok had been downloaded 1.5 billion times back in November of 2019.

With this growth, TikTok has seen a huge transformation in its user base. Many of TikTok’s users are business owners in a variety of niches ranging from online marketing to Etsy creators to fitness professionals. If you own a business or you start a blog, it is very likely that your niche already has an established community on TikTok. 

Because TikTok is still in its early stages, it is significantly easier to grow on this platform when compared to later stage platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

How Can TikTok Grow Your Brand?

I’ve explained why TikTok is such a great opportunity, but now let’s get into the specifics of how this platform can actually grow your brand. The ability to grow fast on TikTok can be a huge game-changer for your business.

So, let’s take a minute to break this down. If you could grow to even 10K followers on TikTok and link to your website in your bio, do you think that you could get more email list sign-ups? Or if you linked to your YouTube channel, do you think you could get more subscribers? 

I am in the process of growing my following on TikTok and can tell you first hand that I have been able to funnel TikTok followers to my YouTube channel to get more subscribers! Using this strategy alone can be amazing to grow your brand, business, and make more money online as a whole.

Outside of the ability to direct more traffic to your website and social media channels, you can use TikTok to get the attention of some of the biggest influencers within your niche. I’ve been able to connect with influencers that have almost two million followers on TikTok!

Can you imagine what that could do for your brand if you wanted to collaborate with one of these influencers? One specific way to get the attention of these influencers is to use the duet feature, which I will discuss in more detail below.

Can you grow your brand on TikTok?

The Best TikTok Brand Strategy

Let’s go into detail about the specific strategy that has worked the best for me to grow my brand with TikTok. 

The first step to take is to create an account and then do some social listening. TikTok serves you the content that you like the most based on your engagement with that content, so start by searching for certain hashtags in your niche.

Look for different influencers within your niche and gain an understanding of the types of content that typically perform the best for these users. TikTok is all about trial and error, but you will start to notice patterns around the best performing content if you look hard enough. Brainstorm some ideas and turn these into a list.

Next, go through the list and try to put your own spin on this content. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the most popular content on TikTok is really just recycled from user to user, but if you can make it more specific to your brand or industry, this will make you more memorable and hopefully result in more engagement and followers.

As mentioned in a previous section, the duet feature is golden if you want to get the attention of larger influencers. A duet basically means that you can ‘react’ to another user’s video on TikTok, and that user will be notified. Be sure to sprinkle some duet content ideas into your list.

Once you have a list of 20-30 content ideas, it is time to batch create these videos. I recommend creating multiple videos in one sitting so that you don’t have to worry about filming your content throughout the week. Based on what works best for me, I think that it is ideal to post anywhere from 3-5 pieces of content on TikTok per day.

Based on my experience, it is usually almost best to publish this content after 7 pm, but be sure to test for yourself which times throughout the day work the best for your account.

After you’ve been posting content for a couple of weeks, go back through your feed and audit which content performed the best and which performed the worst. Do more of what did well for you.

The cool thing about TikTok is that you can repost videos! So if you have a video that did well and brought a ton of views to your page, definitely repost that video. 

The Growing World of TikTok for Brands

I hope that this post on how to grow your brand with TikTok was helpful! TikTok is a really powerful social media platform right now and can absolutely help you to grow your brand and business.

If your growth is slow at first, just remember that it is all about testing out different types of content on the platform. TikTok is uncharted territory. Go out there and explore!

Morgan KG

Morgan is a video production business owner and content creator within the digital marketing niche! When she is not producing videos for clients, she focuses on her blog,, and social media outlets to teach the most effective methods in digital marketing.

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