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Grow Your Pinterest with This Affordable Pinterest Course

Since I first started blogging back in 2015, Pinterest and I have always been close friends. Now, I’m sharing everything I know about Pinterest in this affordable Pinterest course!

Whether you’re an absolute Pinterest newbie or you’ve been using Pinterest to promote your blog for a while, there’s something in this course for you. Over the past few months, my course, No-Nonsense Pinterest, has helped my students (and my own blogs) accomplish some amazing things!

Because there can be so much confusing information about Pinterest on the internet, I wanted to break down exactly why you need this Pinterest course and how it stands out from others. Let’s get started!

Blogger Pinterest Course

About No-Nonsense Pinterest

To begin, let’s talk about what this Pinterest course even is. Basically, as someone who uses Pinterest to drive over 90% of her traffic to her blog, I know how to use Pinterest. When I first started blogging, I didn’t know much (or anything) about SEO, digital marketing, and so on. But I did know how to use Pinterest, and I stumbled upon even more strategy and growth hacks as I developed my skills.

Soon, I was reaching over 120k+ monthly users all thanks to Pinterest. Now, my Pinterest account gets over 2+ million impressions, and it’s the #1 source of traffic for my blog.

But was all of this a fluke? Maybe it was a case of right place, right time?

To test my strategy, I decided to attempt to replicate my results on one of my niche travel blogs. Within 3 months, I’d skyrocketed my growth and significantly increased my blog’s traffic all thanks to Pinterest. Now I knew it wasn’t a fluke.

If I can master Pinterest, so can you. I don’t have any special training or education, just real-life skills.

The course will help you understand how to optimize your profile, get started with confidence on Pinterest, and start driving real traffic to your blog posts. It’s that simple.

Who Is the Course For?

As I’ve said before, this course is designed specifically with bloggers in mind. It could also be useful for small business owners, freelancers, or anyone else trying to build an online presence.

That being said, the course is best for:

  • New bloggers just starting on Pinterest
  • Experienced bloggers who want to bring their traffic numbers up a level
  • Anyone who’s frustrated with Pinterest’s recent algorithm changes
  • Bloggers who are struggling to create graphics that convert on Pinterest

What Do Bloggers Learn in No-Nonsense Pinterest?

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this course. What do you actually learn? With No-Nonsense Pinterest, as the name implies, there’s no BS. I’m just as tired as you are with the so-called “entrepreneurs” claiming to have a quick fix for Pinterest and blogging traffic.

Real results needed a real strategy, so you’ll learn:

  • The exact way to optimize your profile to get discovered by your audience
  • Where to find the best group boards in your niche
  • How to utilize Tailwind to grow your blog on autopilot
  • The best ways to design pins that drive clicks
  • How to build momentum on Pinterest to grow your reach to over 100k impressions
  • …and way more!

Basically, within 30 days (or less), you’ll have a strong understanding of how to get noticed on Pinterest. Your audience will easily be able to find and interact with your content, and your following will grow.

No-Nonsense Pinterest Results

I wouldn’t be talking about my course if I didn’t have the results to back it up! First, let’s start with my own results. As you can see, my Pinterest account for this blog has been doing great for a while with over 2.7 million impressions.

But this account isn’t the only one I’ve personally grown. I also have a niche travel blog that I started just a handful of months ago. Look at this growth in just 3 months with less than 15 posts live on the blog!

Enough about me! Let’s talk about my students. The bloggers who have taken my course have shared some of their own results with me, and I couldn’t be more impressed with their success!

“After spending six months on Tailwind and Pinterest with little success, I was so relieved to take Samantha’s Pinterest course! With so much conflicting info online regarding how often to pin, what type of images to make and how to use group boards and tribes I was so confused and this course finally cleared it up. Samantha’s proven results show that her methods for using and Pinterest work and I have already seen my new pins getting more clicks thanks to the course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has started a blog and wants to get their traffic to the next level.”

Amy (The Florida Travel Blog)

Charlotte of ThisGirlKnowsIt completely turned around her Pinterest account so much she finally qualified for Mediavine, the premier ad network, within just 3 months.

As for her Pinterest, she went from an average of 250k+ impressions a month to over 900k+, and she’s majorly upped her Pinterest graphic game too!

These aren’t isolated results! All of my students report major improvements in their impressions, traffic, and productivity on Pinterest. You have so much to gain just by giving it a try!

Is This Pinterest Course Worth the Money?

Here’s the crazy part: I’m offering this course for just $29. For a limited time, I’m offering access to the FULL COURSE and all quarterly updates for under $30 if you sign up now and use the code ORLANDO at checkout.

Because you’ll gain access to

  • 6+ Pinterest modules complete with video and text elements
  • 4 Downloadable cheat sheets to streamline your progress
  • 2 Pinterest image creation tutorials
  • 1 Month of Tailwind for FREE
  • Unlimited access to updates on Pinterest algorithm changes

…and so much more, there’s really nothing holding you back from reaching new heights with Pinterest. Better yet, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide this course isn’t for you.

How to Get Started

Are you ready to get started with No-Nonsense Pinterest? If so, you’re able to join a group of super-effective Pinterest marketers who all started at the same place you’re at right now.

You can sign up for the course for the ultra-low price of $29 right here. Be sure to use code ORLANDO at checkout to secure your discount.

I’ve spent months putting this course together to make sure it’s got everything you need for success! Now it’s up to you to take the next step!

Not ready for the course just yet? That’s cool too. Check out some of my other Pinterest resources:

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