Harry Potter Etsy Finds for Under 20$

Harry Potter Etsy Finds Under 20

I recently discovered the vast world that is Harry Potter Etsy products. Unlike Harry Potter merchandise you can find in the parks or on official websites, Harry Potter Etsy merchandise is guaranteed to make you stand out as a true potterhead. All of these Harry Potter etsy finds are under $20 as well, which is definitely a bonus, and all will bring a little bit of magic to your day!

  1. Butterbeer Bath Bombs ($9) Not only are these adorable, but they actually make for a really relaxing bath! These would make a perfect gift for any Harry Potter fans who love the scent of Butterbeer. Harry Potter themed spa day, anyone?
  2. Ravenclaw Quiddich Shirt ($14) These come in all different sizes and for all houses. I love them more than the Harry Potter Quiddich shirt I picked up at Harry Potter World. They’re subtle, cute, and way more affordable than the Universal prices.
  3. Harry Potter Monthly Planner for Gryffindor ($12) Let me just say WHERE WAS THIS PLANNER WHEN I STARTED THIS SEMESTER?! If I wasn’t already committed to my current planner I would order this ASAP. They’re different planners for each Hogwarts House, and these are out of this world awesome I need ten.
  4. Polyjuice Potion Flask ($19.95) This flask is just too clever! It’s perfect because it combines alcohol + Harry Potter and that’s all you need, really, enough said.
  5. Butterbeer Harry Potter Soy Blend Candle ($6) I want one of these for every room of my apartment! I think candles make great decorations in general, but these are just too great. This would be a great way to subtly assert your Harry Potter nerd-ness, without being overwhelming. (Use coupon code HIGHFIVE5 to save 5% on your order!)
  6. Harry Potter Grim Tea Cup ($19) Only true Harry Potter fans will recognize this reference. You could always serve tea in this to unsuspecting guests in order to gage their true dedication to the magical series.
  7. Accio Coffee Mug ($9.75) There are several Accio [insert drink here] options on etsy, but coffee just really speaks to me.
  8. Harry Potter Planner Stickers ($5.71) Once again, where was all this planner stuff when I started my semester?! Actually, I would probably majorly abuse these and stick them on everything…books, people, my face.

I hope you enjoyed these finds, and are inspired to find some of your own!