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Harry Potter Office Supplies

Harry Potter is quite possibly my favorite thing ever. Office supplies is a close second. Ever since I was little I’ve enjoyed hoarding office supplies. Paper clips, post-its, you name it, I love it. What could be better than combining my two loves? The only downside? I never want to actually use these Harry Potter office supplies because they’re so perfect and pretty.

harry potter office supplies college life

  1. Harry Potter Pencils – Rep your house pride with these colorful beauties! Seriously, they’re so gorgeous I don’t think I would ever be able to sharpen them! ($5)
  2. Starbucks Inspired Travel Mug – Coffee counts as office supplies, right?! ($15)
  3.  Harry Potter Pencil Case – Die of cuteness forever with this colorful case! ($20)
  4. JK Rowling Quote Notebook – Be inspired by the wise words of Rowling day in and day out with this epic notebook! ($5.86)
  5.  “Always” Decal – Everyone will die with envy for your laptop style. ($4)
  6. Harry Potter Planner Stickers – This is a planner dream come true. ($2.85)
  7.  Muggle Coffee Mug – Coffee counts as office supplies, right? ($15)
  8. Planner Dividers – Clearly I have a planner problem. ($7)

Don’t you just need all of these Harry Potter office supplies? I know I do!

I hope this brightened your day, and that you’re having a fabulous week! Is anyone else super into Harry Potter office supplies, or is it just me?