Host a Killer Adult Game Night

I’m at an awkward stage in my life where I no longer want to go out and spend a bunch of money, but I also don’t want to stay in alone watching Netflix (like I do every night). I just graduated college, so it’s not like I have a lot of money to spend on extravagant parties or nights on the town. I’ve learned to be creative when it comes to having fun! I was excited to partner with Codenames: Deep Undercover to share how to host the best adult game night with your friends!

Host an adult game night

The Beverages

I’m not a big drinker, but I do admit that game night gets a whole lot more fun when some alcoholic beverages are thrown in the mix! Everybody knows that going out to the bars means spending $10+ on a cocktail (WHY ORLANDO WHY?!) and even more on cover charges. I actually prefer drinking in because I have way more control over the selection (spiked sparkling water, anyone?) and I don’t have to wait in huge bathroom lines every five minutes. Don’t think that just because you’re not out you can’t enjoy fancy drinks! Here are my favorite recipes that don’t take a lot of money or skill!

For my game night, I set up a small bar table (stand? stool?) with some wine options and pretty glasses. The most elaborate, the better!

adult game night

Chow Down

Another major perk of staying in is that I don’t have to wait in an enormous line at the local taco joint at the end of the night. No game night would be complete without food, food, and more food. You can go fancy with your menu and prepare appetizers, but I’m honestly not that prepared. I like to keep things classic with your typical assortment of junk food. Pro tip: have all your guests bring their own guilty-pleasure junk food to create a potluck of goodness! 

Codenames: Deep Undercover

There’s something endearing about playing board games in this modern age. Adult board games have recently made a big comeback and honestly, I am so here for it. Codenames: Deep Undercover is a mature take on the super-popular Codenames guessing game. You can learn more about Codenames: Deep Undercover here on their website or find it in the adult games section of Target. My favorite part about Codenames: Deep Undercover is splitting into teams. My friends and I tend to get really competitive, which only makes it more fun!

Host an adult game night

To play, guests split into two teams, and one person (the “spymaster”)on each team is responsible for giving clues to their teammates about the location of the “secret agents,” one of which corresponds to each dirty card. The hints can only be one word, and they can get downright hilarious! Everyone had a blast laughing along as the teams try to decipher which clue went with each card. There are even blank cards so you can add your own words to the mix! It’s really funny to add your own names and see what the clues end up being! We always end up playing at least five rounds, since everyone wants a chance to be the spymaster!

I wish I had this game while I was in college because it would have been a hit in the dorms! If you’re looking for adult game-night inspiration, I’d definitely recommend checking out Codenames: Deep Undercover for a good time.

Hosting Adult Game Night

I had a great time hosting my own adult game night, and I think I’ll be doing them more often! They’re a great balance of fun and saving money! Honestly, any excuse to eat snacks and drink wine spritzers has my approval! Thanks Codenames: Deep Undercover for helping to inspire my own game night!

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