How to Make Early Mornings Suck Less

My alarm goes off, and all I want in this world is just five more minutes of sleep. I have to be out the door in fifteen minutes, so there’s no more pressing snooze. Unless you hit the college schedule jackpot, odds are there are days you’re going to need to wake up early at least a few times a week. It’s not only college students prone to early mornings, generally anyone with a job needs to wake up at ungodly hours sometimes. I’ve got a secret–I’m actually a morning person. That doesn’t mean I don’t also wander in a groggy haze for an hour until the coffee kicks in, but it is easier for me than others (or at least that’s what I’ve witnessed with my night-owl friends!). Here are some of my top secret morning-person tips.

Make early mornings suck less

Get a decent nights sleep

This may seem like a “duh!” tip, but it’s really the most important one I have. Aim to get at least seven hours of sleep a night, and refrain from taking long naps during the day. There’s a lot of really great tools to help you get a better night sleep. For example, lets you enter when you need to wake up and the best intervals in which to fall asleep to wake up the most refreshed. This calculator is great because it helps you avoid that “I went to bed early but I still feel like crap” feeling in the morning. Be sure to sleep in a quiet, dark room to get the best sleep possible. I used to sleep with ear plugs when I lived in the dorms because I was prone to waking up whenever my roommate rumbled around or someone shouted in the hallway (why is someone always shouting in dorm hallways?!).

Look forward to your breakfast

If you’re like me and you’re a breakfast person, you might not mind waking up each morning and whipping something up in the kitchen. However, if the idea of actually cooking leads you to just skip breakfast all together, try planning your breakfast the night before. You can cook yourself a breakfast (or a full week of breakfasts) and stash them in the freezer/fridge for quick on the go meals. You can put cooked eggs in the fridge, make easy breakfast sandwiches, or store a batch of pancakes in the fridge. Knowing there’s less work to do when you wake up will make your mornings a lot easier. And, eating breakfast is a great way to wake you up. Here’s a list of easy breakfast ideas you might not have considered.

  • Spruce up your bagels with sweet toppings such as cinnamon, sugar, or nutella spread. What a healthier option? Try a dairy free cream cheese or butter.
  • Mix fruit and granola into your cereal.
  • Blend a smoothie (add in protein powder for a boost!)
  • Fruit!
  • Add fruit and granola to greek yogurt to make a parfait
  • Make the perfect scrambled eggs

Get up and get going

Resist the urge to sit in bed, staring at the ceiling, and wondering how long you can lay there “resting your eyes.” If you get out of bed quickly and start getting ready, your mind will register that it’s time to start your day and stop sleeping. I know it’s hard at first, but it will get easier.

Add a playlist

I find that getting ready is easier if I have a chill playlist to help prepare me for the day. I like to listen to calm, upbeat tracks that put me in a pleasant mood before work/class. Here are some playlists for every mood! (Check out the 8tracks app to get these jams on your phone!)

Have everything ready the night before

Use the night before to get all your ducks in order so when you get up you don’t have to spend half an hour deciding not to wear. Think about what you want to wear for the next day, and to make things extra easy you can lay out or separate your chosen outfit. Getting your purse, bag, and/or lunch ready the night before can also leave you with morning peace of mind.

Take your time

As much as I love trying to get ready in 15 minutes, its much more enjoyable to have some time to myself before I officially start my day. Allotting time in my morning routine for doing things I enjoy puts me in a better mood. My favorite thing is to watch the Today Show and sip my coffee in peace. Other ideas include a morning work out, journaling, checking social media, or studying. If mornings to you feel too rushed, you might want to consider slowing things down and taking a moment to breath before you head out the door.

This sums up my morning-person tips! Hopefully these will keep you from getting trapped in a morning-daze. What’s your morning routine like? Do you have any tricks?

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  • Love these ideas~ implementing a wake up playlist for tomorrow for sure! Thx

  • Great tips! I checked out the 8track app as well! I’ve never heard of it 🙂

  • Kind of along the same line as the breakfast one, I have a bunch of flavored coffees so deciding which one I’m going to try that day gives me a little something extra to look forward to.

  • Mai T.

    I have a few tricks to wake up in the morning I’ve applied to myself: Put my alarm across the room, No Napping After 7 Hours Of Waking Up, Set my alarm 15 minutes earlier, Stretch every extremity for 15 seconds. My So-Called Chaos sent me here.

  • I love this so I pinned it!

  • These are fantastic tips. I’ve started going to bed a lot earlier, but I need to work on these other things.

  • Ha! Are you a mind reader? With daylight savings happening, I have been really struggling sleeping regularly because it gets dark so early. I definitely need to start going to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier and be more productive.

  • Excellent tips! I am quite a morning person usually but I do find it hard to get up sometimes especially as it’s dark now when I get up for work. I love smoothies in the morning, have been making a big effort to make one every day as I can’t handle the thought ms of a bit breakfast.

  • We get up at 5:45 to leave for school at 6:45 to be there by 8:50! Early mornings are not my boys strong points. I love the breakfast ideas because we seem to serve the same thing.

  • LOVE these ideas! Thank you for sharing them!

    Mackenzie |

  • I am also (secretly) a morning person myself. Even though I adjust to mornings better than your average college student, I still dread getting up for my 7:30 class twice a week. I agree that getting ready with a playlist helps with enjoying your mornings- it always puts me in such a calm mood.

    ♡ Julia |

  • Mar

    I just started a new job and HATE mornings. I definitely need to start making better breakfasts to keep me fulll throughout the day.

  • Ana

    Great tips shared. I was looking for something like this post since long back.

  • I LOVE this because I’m writing this comment at 4:45 in the morning 😉 Great post!

  • Elizabeth O

    I remember that lightly salted crackers helped too… A quick bite or two made a big difference. 🙂

  • Maggie

    I love how this is all about making mornings suck just a little bit less. It can be super hard getting myself out of bed some mornings but I definitely do a few of these things to help me with waking up.

  • I needed this! I am not a fan of mornings, but I need to be! Thank you for the playlist ideas! I usually listen to Pandora, but it is always nice to get new recommendations!