How to Skip Classes Smartly in College

Tomorrow I am skipping a full day of classes to go on a mini vacation to Orlando. Skipping classes is something I have a lot of experience with (it’s not as bad as it sounds!), and I’ve mastered how to do it without hurting my GPA. Sometimes it can be smart in the case of health or mental wellness, and other times it’s simply unavoidable. Read on for my tips!

how to smartly skip classes in college

Check your grades

Before you skip, check your class grades. If you’re doing well in a class, then odds are you shouldn’t have any problem missing a day or two. However, if you know you’re struggling to pass or grasp the material, then it probably isn’t a good idea to miss.  Generally, if you have a B+ or higher you are probably in good enough standing to miss a few days. This is up to your own discretion, of course. It’s always a good idea to be on top of your grades. If your college has an online portal with updated grades, that’s a great way to keep track regularly. If it doesn’t, or if your teacher doesn’t keep it updated, taken an inventory of your last few big assignments. Do you participate and do your homeowkr? Have you scored well on your last few tests? If yes, you’re probably safe. If you aren’t sure, you can always email or talk to your teacher and see if they’ll let you know how you’re doing.

Think about the material

What will you being doing that class? Are you learning something completely new, or is this your third day of review? If you feel confident you are already familiar with the material, odds are you don’t need to go. The first day of a new chapter is usually the worse day to miss, as this content usually is completely new.

Can you get the notes?

Do you have a friend or classmate who will let you borrow or make a copy of their notes if you miss? Some classes are note heavy, and missing a day of notes can be detrimental to your score on an upcoming test. In this case, make sure you have someone you can ask to quickly catch you up on anything important you might have missed. If you do think you missed something important, a good tip is asking someone in the class when you return. Get to the class early so that if you missed important notes, you can copy them quickly. Even better, take a picture of their notes with your smartphone camera, that way you can write them out yourself later or print the page. Just be sure you can read their handwriting!

No due assignments

I hope this goes without saying, but definitely do not miss any days where something is due! I lot of college students get freakout out when a draft or paper is due and will skip the class in order to save themselves from having to turn it in. This is a terrible idea. Your professor then has the option of not accepting your late assignment or lowering your grade. A better idea is to email the professor in advance and explain the situation and ask for an extension. If you know you need to miss on an important day, speak to your professor about turning in your assignment early or taking the test at a different time. Most professors will work with you.

Sick/Mental Health

If you’re sick, it’s probably a good idea to skip. If you’re going to infect your whole class and be miserable all day, there’s really no point in being there anyway. I’ve tried to sit through classes with a fever or other awful symptom, and spent the entire time miserable and unable to pay attention. You’re better off taking the time to get better. Mental health is also super important! If you’re overwhelmed and anxious and really just need a break, take one! Remember, classes are NOT mandatory, you do NOT need to go to every one. Missing one class will not be the end of the world, and MENTAL HEALTH IS SO IMPORTANT. Now, I’m not saying every day you need to take a mental health day, but if you’re really worn down or overwhelmed with work, it’s a good idea to take a day off to catch up and breathe.

If you keep these in mind the next time your want to skip a class, you’ll become a pro! I really believe that smartly skipping classes can help you keep stress at bay and your performance levels high. It’s really easy to burn out in college, so don’t get too hung up on perfect attendance! You’re young, live a little bit! Take advantage of this freedom and have fun with it! Happy skipping! Do you have any tips of your own?

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  • Good tips! My college offered lecture capture, which was EVERYTHING for skipping class!

  • Great tips! I always used these tips during my college years 🙂

    Mash |

  • Since I used to teach college, I thought this was an interestting post….a very interesting one!

  • great tips! I was the queen of skipping, but always knew what was going on and when it was and wasn’t a good idea to skip! Also being honest with your prof almost always goes in your favor!

  • So bad, but so true! As long as you turn in your assignments and find a way to get your studying material you can pretty much skip as much as you can get away with lol

  • These are great tips. I will have to pass to my brothers still in school, I especially support the mental health days!

  • There were a few times when I had to skip class, but luckily my college was really willing to work with us and give us some leniency if we contacted the professor about it beforehand.

  • i dont have tips, i loved uni, so I didn’t skip 1 class… oopss sounds nerdy of me!!! hehehe

  • These tips are pretty good! I didn’t skip too many, but there were definitely days where a nap was much more needed than class.

  • I’ve skipped about a weeks worth of classes. The first ones were to do with being ill and the others were with having issues with our temporary teacher. Failure for students is down to attendance more than grades. Think I’ll be going back to normal once half term ends.

  • Krystal Miller

    I am a college instructor. I don’t understand people who skip class outside of illness or emergency. I mean, you’ve paid to be in the class.

  • I rather skip class and I remember leaving school early and the person I was counting on for the notes didn’t show up either lol I eventually got it but it was still an interesting day.

  • I didn’t miss too many classes in college or grad schools, but sometimes you just need them. Great list for sure.

  • Mai T.

    My tips on When It’s Okay to Skip Classes in college: Know Your Syllabus, Know Your Professor, and What are you skipping for? Those are key issues to consider before I decided on skipping classes. My So-Called Chaos sent me here.

  • It’s so weird that I saw this. It’s only the second week of campus (don’t judge me) and I’m taking tomorrow off partially because I need the break but mainly because there’s protest actions. Our workers are on strike and the condition of our campus is ghastly (Trash everywhere, icky toilets, you get the picture). I was totally undecided on skipping until I saw this (I’m already ahead of the lecturers and there’s might be protests disturbing our academic program). This is such a helpful post