In Defense of the English Major

I was at a Law School Fair on campus a couple of weeks ago and had a recruiter tell me she loves English majors. She told me they make great law students, and that English majors actually make up a good percentage of her school’s law program. Hold the phone–English majors in LAW SCHOOL? You mean you can be an English major and actually have a career beyond teaching or serving coffee?! What strange blasphemy is this?!

defense of the english major

English majors have gotten a bad rep. People assume English majors are really undecided, and they are just wasting their time reading books all day. As a college senior, I’m asked all the time what I’m studying. Admitting to studying English is like admitting to enjoying the taste of battery acid. People look at you with an “oh dear, what a lost soul” face, and they hesitate to ask what you plan to do with your life. The bolder individuals skip the career question altogether and just assume you want to teach. Yes, I’m an English major. No, I do not want to teach. No, I do not need to listen to your story of your great niece who dared to study literature and has been unemployed for a zillion years and now scrapes gum off of shoes for a living. No, I don’t need another lecture on the importance of choosing a “reasonable” profession. Studying English is important and worthwhile, and I shouldn’t need to explain why, but I will.

I get a lot of emails through this blog from young women confused about what to study. Many girls are really interested in English and would love to pursue it in college, but they’re facing a lot of backlash from parents or peers. There’s a lot of nonsense in the news and media about the difficulties of studying liberal arts, and this, unfortunately, scares a lot of prospective students away from these disciplines. Look, I’m not saying we don’t need computer science majors, engineers, or biology students. We definitely do! Those are super important fields. However, people need to start acknowledging the value of a liberal arts degree. English majors can do ANYTHING! Okay, maybe we can’t be astronauts, heart surgeons, or architects (or can we?!), but a world of options are available to those willing to think outside of the box! The communication and analytical skills from studying literature make English majors the perfect candidates for successful careers in journalism, business, management, marketing, humanitarianism, design, politics…you get the idea. So let’s stop saying that English majors can only be teachers or Starbucks employees.

You might be surprised to find that the unemployment rate for English majors is on par with that of computer science and engineering. In fact, more and more companies are looking to hire English and liberal art majors who bring a useful set of skills to any industry. This is because studying literature is about more than just reading T.S. Eliot and quoting Shakespear. English majors have top of the line writing and reading comprehension skills. Nobody in my Advanced British Literature class bats an eye at 100 pages of nightly reading or 10+ page essays. Our classroom discussions revolve around important issues and universal themes. English majors are thinkers and problem solvers. We are planners and organizers. We are empathizers and understanders. And we are really, really, really well read.


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Some of the most influential people of our time were English majors! Barbara Walters studied English Literature at Sarah Lawrence. Politician Mitt Romney studied English at Brigham Young University in Utah. The former CEO of NBC studied English at Dartmouth. Even James Franco decided to pursue an English degree at UCLA. As you can see, English majors come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find English majors anywhere from the board room to the big screen!

I enjoyed checking out that law fair, though I’m not planning to apply to law school anytime soon. That admissions representative was the first person who reacted positively to my English major, but I suspect she won’t be the last. I’m graduating in a few months, and while that’s terrifying, my English major opens a lot of doors. I’m looking into corporate internships and publisher positions. My interests go beyond just reading books. I am passionate about marketing and web design. That is something I have loved exploring through this blog. I love the environment and traveling. My English major allows me to pursue all of my passions.

I’m not sure where I’m going to be in a few years, but I know I will graduate with all of the skills I need to succeed in any industry! I’ve learned so much in these past three years, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. If you want to study English, go for it! Ignore the stigma, it’s all nonsense. This world needs more English majors.


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  • One of my professors told me that English majors do so well in law school because a lot of law words are Latin based and you have to learn those through your English program.

    Caitlyn |

  • Michelle Adams

    Love this, Sam! Being an English major is so rewarding, whether people see it or not. <3

  • Emily Chudy

    Love this! I’m planning to major in philosophy, and a lot of the same things you talked about apply to that too! <3

  • Great post! I aspire to study English as well!

  • I lovelovelove this post.
    I graduated from West Virginia University with an English degree (after switching my major three times).
    I settled on English for one reason: it was what I loved.
    I would constantly hear “Do you want to be a teacher?” and “What are you going to do with that?” and here’s something I have to say to everyone that may be thinking about declaring English as their major: DO IT.

    When I graduated, I was the only one of my friends who had a job.
    Fast forward three years and I’ve had a job THE ENTIRE TIME while some of them are just now getting their first jobs.

    I use my skills learned in those English classes everyday in various aspects.
    Don’t let anyone tell you a degree is lesser than another.

    Shout out to all my fellow English majors out there!


    • Yes!!! I’m so glad it worked out so great for you! I couldn’t agree more! I have so many friends who majored in other more “valuable” majors who can’t even write emails properly let alone think critically!

      • Exactly! I work at an engineering university with a bunch of engineers and you would be appalled by the things I’ve seen 😂

        • Samantha

          I honestly can’t even imagine! It’s like they never had to write anything ever in their lives or something?!

  • TheBlondeLifestyle

    I love this article! I’m a journalism major with a creative writing minor (close enough to English) and I’ve been told my whole life “you’re never going to make money or have a job with that degree”. It’s really sad and insulting because I think it really has great potential for careers out there that haven’t given us a chance yet! All people get sick, therefore we need doctors. All people eat so we need chefs. All companies write in some shape or form so why aren’t they hiring writers! I applaud you for writing this and the research you put into it. Perhaps you might convince some employers that we aren’t all bad!