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Inexpensive Yet Amazing Spring Break Ideas

Spring break has quite the rep for college students. Some seem to be anticipating it as soon as they get back to campus from summer vacation. Spring break is known as the crazy, rager-esque break in the middle of Spring semester. College students from all over the world take the great pilgrimage to the notorious spring break locations: Pensacola, Daytona, Virginia Beach, etc. These trips can be pricey, not to mention a little too much. If, like me, you aren’t super into binge drinking on the beach, or you would rather try something a little different, then check out these tips!

spring break college student

Take a road trip.

Road trips are the bomb, seriously. Get some friends together, set a destination (or don’t!), and just drive! Check out some of these great road trip playlists for some inspiration. With road trips you have a lot of control over what you see/do/spend. You can stay with friends, stay in hotels, or even just camp if that’s something that appeals to you! You can travel far, or just explore your home state. Check out this fabulous resource for road trip ideas and tips!


I live in Florida, so this might be easier for me than for others. Pretend you’re a tourist in your own town. Explore as a tourist would. Go to the best restaurants, visit the tourist attractions (museums are the best!), and explore the natural surroundings. Go in touristy shops and places you normally wouldn’t as a local. Enlist some friends and make a day out of it!

Just chill.

College is super stressful. Odds are you really want to relax and basically just sleep for a few days. Do that! Who said you had to go to an exotic tropical location to have a great break? If the most appealing thing you can think of is just sleeping–then you just do that!


Spring break has always been my favorite time to travel. The weather is perfect almost everywhere, and there’s so much to see! The peak season for a lot of destinations dies down after the winter rush, so it’s a great time to visit the Caribbean and warmer places. In spring breaks past I have visited Thailand, Italy, and New York City. This year I’ll be going to Puerto Rico! Travelling does not need to break the bank. Check for student discounts on flights  and stay in hostels when you can. Don’t travel on peak days or times, and look for cheaper destinations whenever possible.

Work or volunteer.

Working or volunteering is a really easy way to travel cheaply while also giving back. Some of my best travel experiences have been volunteering in amazing locations. Programs like workaway provide housing and sometimes food in exchange for different chores and labors. Your school might even be offering different volunteering opportunities over breaks which are great ways to get involved.

Don’t stress!

Spring break doesn’t need to be this big event for it to be amazing. Don’t listen to the stigma that makes it seem like you need to go to Monaco or South Beak in order to not be a complete spring break failure! If sleeping at home makes you happy, do that! If you want to find some cheap airfare to St. Croix and lounge by the beach, do that! It doesn’t have to be expensive to be great. Be safe and have a great spring break?

What are your spring break plans?