Blogging Income Report

July 2017 Income Report

Summer has flown by, hasn’t it? I’m excited to share my July 2017 income report with you! This month featured a lot of big changes on the blog! First of all, I’ve started talking more about blogging techniques, and I’m looking forward to keeping that ball rollings since I’ve received a lot of positive feedback. Traffic has been up this month, but I haven’t written as much as I usually do since I’ve been focusing on a new project! Let’s jump into this months income report, shall we?

Why Post Income Reports?

If you’re new to the blog-o-sphere or if you didn’t see my June income report, you might be asking why I’d ever post my income on the internet. Blog income reports are what initially inspired me to start pursuing blogging in the first place! I think it’s important for bloggers to be transparent with their readers with how much their making and their methods if we want to be taken seriously as a profession.

There are a lot of different ways bloggers measure income. A lot of these payments are done on a net-60+ basis, meaning the cash won’t hit my bank account for a few months. However, I’m choosing to report income as they are completed, as it helps me recognize what works and what doesn’t on a monthly basis.

It’s also worth noting that not all of this income is from blogging alone. While blogging is definitely one of my main sources of income, it’s not my only source. As someone who’s self-employed on the internet (hah), I think it’s important to have more than one source of income. In addition to blogging, I also create digital products and am a freelance writer.

Popular posts this month

This month I had one of my posts go viral! It was a surprise for me, but it’s helped me identify the type of content my readers like to see! Here are my best-performing posts this month:

Traffic report

I saw an increase in traffic this month due to my Online Jobs for College Students post going viral on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I was unable to surpass my all-time top daily page views, but I got really, really close. Maybe next month?

Income Report

Income – $1140.00

  • Real Clever – $525
  • Trip101 – $90
  • Textbroker – $158.35
  • Amazon Associates – $3.90 (every bit counts, right?)
  • Google Adsense – $53.25
  • Ibotta – $59.50
  • HostGator – $250 (From this post where I show you how to start your own blog!)

Expenses – $39.98

  • BoardBooster – $10
  • Hosting – $10.99
  • PicMonkey – $3.99
  • New Theme – $15.00

Total Income – Expenses = $1100.02

What Worked

  • Freelance Writing. I usually spend more time writing, but this past month I was working on a new project so that monopolized most of my time. However, I was able to complete more posts for Trip101 this month which was great fun! If you’re looking to make some money with travel writing, apply to be a contributor at Trip101 here! (If you write “referral Samantha Tetrault” in the “Where did you find this job” section, I get a little bonus for recruiting great writers!)
  • Lit mag. My English major friend Isabelle and I started our own digital literary magazine for young women. I was the Editor-in-Chief of my college lit mag and it was my baby. It’s been hard to leave it behind, so I’m so excited for this new project! If you’re a writer or artist, Capulet Mag is currently accepting submissions!
  • College Blogging 101. I’ve surpassed my sign-up goal for my free 5-day college blogging e-course! This course going in-depth on how to set up your own successful blog and how to build an audience and make money blogging! You can sign up below!

August Goals + Plans

  • Launch my new project. This new project has been crazy intense to prepare! If you’ve taken my College Blogging 101 course, you got a preview of the new content to come! It should be launching soon, so stay tuned!
  • Grow my Instagram. I’ve been putting my Instagram on the backburner recently, but I’m ready to get serious! I’m taking part in a few different Instagram campaigns this month and I hope to grow my account. Let’s connect on Instagram! 
  • Join Mediavine. I’m finally ready to move away from Google Adsense and join a different ad network. While I love how simple Google Adsense is, I’ve heard great things about Mediavine. I’m currently in the application process, and I look forward to transitioning between networks in August.
  • Connect with new bloggers! I get a lot of emails from new bloggers and I love reading their posts and learning more about them! Shoot me an email at if you want to connect!

Do you like reading income reports? Let me know what you think in the comments below!