Making the Most of Your College Break

Finals are over! Cue the confetti, the High School Musical Soundtrack (What time is it? Summertime!), and sweet tears of joy. In my case, it’s not summer vacation, but winter break. My college is generous enough to give us a full month off for the holidays, so definitely grateful for that! Read on for some tips for making the most of your college break!

making the most of your college break

Connect with old friends

If this is your first time going away to college, your college break is the time to reconnect with those friends you parted ways with a semester ago. It’s likely you’ve both changed a lot, so don’t be surprised if these friendships feel a little awkward at first or uncomfortable now. Work through it, the awkwardness usually only lasts for a few minutes! Compare college experiences and enjoy the change of company! Your college friends are great, but your home friends can be just as great!

Spend time with your family

It can be tempting to go out every night over your college break and explore your newfound freedom, but don’t forget to spend time with your family! If you go to school far away, likely you don’t get the opportunity to go home much. Trust me, your family is so thrilled you’re there so take advantage of that. You’ll miss them when your break ends!

Get a part time job

The last thing you want to do about stressing over your classes for months is get a job, I know. But hear me out! The holidays and summer are usually prime time for part time jobs, and a lot of places hire seasonally! If you have a friend who works somewhere cool see if they’re employer is hiring! Working with a friend is definitely a perk! Utilize this time to get some extra cash for the next semester, you’ll thank yourself later!

Get a head start on your studies

If you know you’ll be taking a tough class this upcoming semester, it can be useful to take this free time to look over the material before your class begins. You can email your professor and see if he or she would be willing to provide the first few assignments or chapters for you to look over in advance. Like getting a part time job, this may not seem like the ideal way to spend your break, but you’ll be thanking yourself when classes start again and you’re already familiar with the material.

Catch up on shows and reading

Who has time to read during the semester? As an English major I usually have 200+ pages of assigned reading a night, so there’s physically no room for any pleasure reading. I gather a pile of books every break and read as much as possible! The light reading is ridiculously refreshing. The same applies for TV shows. Now is the time to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy and Scream Queens! Happy watching!


Enjoy this brief reprieve from the school year! These breaks fly by, as you know, so try to make every day count! Whether you want to enjoy a home cooked meal, a good book, or just laying on the couch for three weeks, remember to stay relaxed!

How do you make the most of your breaks? What do you do to relax?