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If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably already tuned in to the power of Pinterest. Pinterest is the best tool for bloggers of all niches and background, but it’s not as easy as it looks at first glance. That’s why I’ve created this Pinterest pinning schedule that you can use for free to streamline your own process.

I’ve talked a lot about Pinterest in the past. I’ve already taught you how to avoid making the most common Pinterest mistakes, and now it’s time to talk about creating a Pinterest pinning schedule that actually works.

In this post, we’ll answer the following questions about Pinterest:

  • What are the optimal times to pin your new post on Pinterest?
  • How often should you pin posts to Pinterest?
  • Where do you pin your new posts on Pinterest?

Before we begin, I wanted to also mention my Pinterest course! It’s called No-Nonsense Pinterest, and it’s a much more hands-on strategy for growing your Pinterest to new heights in just 30 days. You can check out my course here and use code ORLANDO to snag the entire course for just $29!

Without further ado, let’s get started. Your blog is about to get a lot of traffic — are you ready?

What Are the Optimal Times to Pin Your New Post on Pinterest?

Did you know 250 million people use Pinterest each month? It’s true. And those people are out there looking for blog posts. Yours could be the next one they click on.

I always tell people not to think of Pinterest like a traditional social media platform. It’s honestly much more of a search engine than anything else. If you learn how to leverage that search engine, you can make it work for you to drive traffic to your blog.

So when are the best times to pin your new post on Pinterest? Let’s say you’ve just clicked “publish” on a new post. Now you’re ready for the world to see it. When do you post to Pinterest?

To answer this question, you’re going to need to learn a few things about your audience. First, consider who you’re targeting with your posts. Are you targeting young adults, new moms, fashion lovers? When are these people most likely to interact with Pinterest?

In addition, where are most of your followers located? If they’re in the USA, you’ll want to focus on these time zones. If not, you’ll need to consider another timezone.

According to Pinterest, different types of content perform better on different days. Here’s what they recommend:

  • Sunday: Food and crafts
  • Monday: Fitness
  • Tuesday: Technology
  • Wednesday: Quotes
  • Thursday: Fashion
  • Friday: Humor
  • Saturday: Travel

If your audience works 9-5 jobs, consider posting after work hours or during common break times (like lunch and mid-afternoon). If they’re night-owls, post at night. This will take some trial and error, and using a tool like Tailwind can help you optimize your posting even further. Click here to get a month of Tailwind for free using my referral link. (Note: this doesn’t cost you anything!)

How Often Should You Post Your New Pin to Pinterest?

Now for the second question, how often should you post your new pin on Pinterest? You’ll want to distribute your new pin evenly across:

  • Relevant group boards
  • Your own boards
  • Tailwind Tribes

The key here is relevant! You don’t want to post a random pin on a board that doesn’t make sense. Additionally, you want to make sure you’re following any rules on your group boards and Tailwind Tribes.

So what’s the magic number? Believe it or not, it’s 1. You only want to post your new pin (by pin, I mean SINGLE image pointing to your blog post) to each of your group boards/personal boards/Tribes ONCE. Why’s that? You don’t want to spam the board, and often users will scroll through the board in one sitting. They don’t want to see the same pin a million times.

Using my Pinterest schedule will help you make the most of your pinning schedule for new posts. Once you’ve cycled your post through all of your group boards and personal boards, wait 2-3 weeks before cycling it again.

Where Should You Pin New Pins on Pinterest?

I mostly answered this above, but to clarify, you should post your new pin on as many boards as possible. Pinterest loves group boards and personal boards, so take advantage of all of these.

If you’re a Tailwind user, make sure you take advantage of Tribes as well. Avoid pinning your content exclusively on overcrowded, competitive boards that are bombarded with endless pins. You want to make sure your content stands out!

Free Pinterest Pinning Schedule

Fill out the form below to download the free Pinterest schedule. We’ll talk about how to make the most of it with the tips below!

Pinterest schedule download

How to Use the Free Pinterest Pin Scheduler

Let’s talk about how to use your free scheduler to make the most of your Pinterest efforts. The downloadable comes with a planner for 4 posts, and you can use it to manually pin or to optimize your automated schedule if you’re using a tool like Tailwind.

Step 1: Identify your boards and optimal posting times.

First, go to the last page in the download and fill it out with your boards and best posting times. If you have more than 6 boards to choose from, feel free to add more.

For best results, include only your best performing boards, including your group boards. You’ll notice there’s a space on Day 36 for adding your pin to your best performing board. You’ll need to see which board is the best fit for your particular post and go from there!

As for your optimal times for posting, refer back to that question we answered earlier. When in doubt, keep it simple and learn as you go. A great starting point is to pin at 6 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm, and 9 pm. This is where a scheduler really comes in handy, but I also love pinning from the app on my phone.

Try to space out your pins as much as possible, at least in the beginning. Having multiple pins for each post will also help you stretch your pins further.

Pinterest Board Schedule

Step 2. Label your posts.

Next, label your posts within each table. There’s space for writing the post title as well as the dates. Start with the publication date when you publish your post, and run through the dates after that. This table will take you up through day 31. After the first few days of building momentum, you’ll pin it again every week.

Pinterest Pinning Schedule tips

Step 3. Check days off as you go.

Now you’re ready to start pinning! Just make sure you check off your progress as you go. It’s okay to skip a day along the way if you need to make more pins or you’re worried about spamming a board too much. It shouldn’t ever be set in stone!

Create your own pinterest schedule

Create Your Own Pinterest Pinning Schedule

You’re officially ready to take your Pinterest schedule into your own hands. Knowing the best times to post your pins is a key part of driving traffic to your blog and making money online.

As a blogger who relies on Pinterest to get traffic, I can’t recommend using a schedule enough. It’s totally possible to stick to a pinning schedule even if you’re just manually pinning. What are you waiting for? Sign up below to start seeing big results!

Again, don’t forget about my course, No-Nonsense Pinterest if you’re serious about upping your Pinterest game! Go from 0 impressions to over 100k+ in just 30 days! Don’t forget to use code ORLANDO at checkout for $20 off.


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