Why did Boardbooster Shut Down and Alternatives
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Why Did Boardbooster Shut Down & What Does It Mean for Your Pinterest Strategy

I got the most tragic email while I was at the gym today. I actually stopped running and had to be That Girl who stared at her phone in a trance while on moving gym equipment. Yes, that’s right. Boardbooster is shutting down for good.

September 2019 Update:

I’ve since become a Tailwind fanatic, and I couldn’t recommend that tool enough. Keep reading for more information about how to get started with Tailwind. If you’re looking to really supercharge your Pinterest game after Boardbooster shut down for good, check out my affordable Pinterest strategy course on how to do just that. 

Why did Boardbooster shut down? That’s what we’re answering today in this post, as well as alternatives to keep your Pinterest running smoothly.

Boardbooster and I have been in a long-term relationship. We go way back to the dawn of my blogging days back in 2015. I was always an avid Pinterest user, but Boardbooster took things up a notch (or twelve). It introduced me to looping, scheduling, and secret boards. I was a raving fanatic, and if you’ve ever read this blog before you’ve probably heard me proclaim my love for Boardbooster.

Fall of BoardBooster

Because my Pinterest strategy has been thrown for a complete loop, I decided I couldn’t be the only one who needed a Pinterest refresh. I went down a rabbit hole to find out just what led to the downfall of Boardbooster and how I can fill the void in my strategy.

Why Did Boardbooster Shut Down?

In order to understand why Boardbooster decided to shut down after four years, you’ll have to understand Pinterest. As much as we love this photo-based platform, it’s all about paying to play. As far as Pinterest was concerned, BoardBooster wasn’t paying.

Pinterest recently released a list of Marketing Partners. These are Pinterest-approved resources and platforms from which you can market on Pinterest. Boardbooster has never been included on this list, likely because they couldn’t afford it.

Notice when you use any of the Pinterest-approved partners, you’re able to login directly through Pinterest. When you log in with Boardbooster, you have to offer your username and password to the Boardbooster system instead of Pinterest. This is actually in violation of Pinterest’s rules, so that’s a big no-no. Using Boardbooster could have resulted in account termination.

I didn’t know any of this before today or I would have switched away from Boardbooster months ago. Unfortunately, it’s integrations were not safe under Pinterest’s guidelines, and that led to that sad email I received today.

Boardbooster Alternatives

Lucky for us Pinterest fanatics who rely on the platform to promote our content, Boardbooster isn’t the only option. Switching is hard after all these years, trust me, but I’m willing to brave the wild, wild internet and try something new.

The most well-known alternative is Tailwind*. Tailwind is a scheduling tool for both Instagram and Pinterest, though they are not considered the same premium accounts. So if you purchase a Pinterest premium account on Tailwind, you don’t automatically get Instagram scheduling included under that cost.

Here’s how Tailwind is similar to Boardbooster:

  • Schedule your posts to be published at optimal times without the use of secret boards.
  • Complete control over how and when your posts are published.
  • A browser extension that allows you to schedule through Pinterest.
  • There’s an app so you can schedule on the go or view analytics.
  • In-depth analytical tools to learn more about your audience and your success.
  • Looping tool to refresh content (this is currently in beta, but you can apply to get on the waiting list).

Not so bad, right? The Tailwind interface isn’t as easy to use, but once you mess around it gets more clear. There are also great videos to help you get started. Here’s how Tailwind differs from Boardbooster:

  • It costs $15 for 400 pins a month, much more than Boardbooster and there is no flexibility.
  • You can create time slots for specific times you wish to post.
  • The Pin Inspector tool lets you see what types of pins people like to repin and comment on so you can learn more about how to perform well on Pinterest.
  • Your boards get a ranking based on Virality (Repins/Pins) and Engagement (Repins/Pins/Followers).

Overall, I’m sort of digging Tailwind for now. I do wish it offered more payment flexibility like Boardbooster, but I can live with $15 a month for now.

I really enjoy the Pin Inspector and seeing the analytics in action, but I wish they would hurry up with the looping tool. At the end of the day, Tailwind is a pretty darn decent alternative to my beloved Boardbooster.

Not Sold on Tailwind?

Still don’t think Tailwind is right for you? I’d say to give it a try. You can start with a free trial to see if you get a hang for its scheduler. As for its Instagram scheduler, I’m going to take a rain check. I struggle enough to find one photo to post, let alone a whole week’s worth.

Tailwind isn’t your only option for planning your pins in advance. Buffer is another popular option for scheduling your pins in one dashboard, and it’s also approved by Pinterest. It doesn’t have quite as many features, but it might be a good fit for you.

If you’re a blogger who makes money online or a freelancer who relies on Boardbooster to build your freelance busienss, don’t fret. Losing boardbooster isn’t the end of the world!

What do you think about the shut down of Boardbooster? Are you ready to jump on board with Tailwind? Let me know what you think!

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