First remote job

Preparing For Your First Remote Job

Getting ready for your first remote job will be an exciting yet new experience for most employees. Some people may find it easier to work from home, while others may find it more challenging. No matter how productive you are as you make the transition, it will likely feel odd being home all day, every day.

While working from home may feel limiting at first, this new setting can actually provide you with more opportunities than you would ever experience while working in an office environment. Take advantage of this lifestyle when adapting to your new work routine. Although it may feel like a different world compared to what you’re used to, working remotely can bring you a great balance between work and home life. Let’s dive into the best ways to prepare for your first remote job đź–Ą

Establish a Routine

One of the most important things you can do while working from home is to establish a daily routine. Discovering what regimen works best for you in the morning can change your entire outlook on the day. It can even lead to a boost in your overall productivity! Since you no longer have to worry about gathering all of your belongings or getting caught in traffic, you will find yourself with extra time in the morning to get ready.

As you make the switch to working in a remote setting, give yourself some time before trying to live by a steadfast routine. Working for a few weeks in this new setting will allow you to find your groove and establish the base of your routine. Some things to try out in your new routine are:

  • Establish A Sleep Schedule: A good daily routine starts the night before, but getting eight hours every night is not always easy. If you have trouble at first, try using technology to help you. Smart alarm clocks pick up on your sleep habits as you use them and can help establish an optimized time to go to bed and wake up each day so feel fully refreshed and energized.
  • Give Yourself Time: When working from home it can be easy to wake up at the last possible moment and just start working. This is not a good way to start the day and will likely inhibit your productivity for the first hour or so of work. Make sure to carve out at least a half-hour each morning so you can relax before jumping into work.
  • Eat Mindfully: The fuel you put in your body each day will directly impact your productivity levels. It can be easy to just GrubHub your favorite tacos each day, but making an effort to do something like meal prepping, or even just having healthy snacks around can help improve your eating habits. 
  • Find an Escape: Everyone needs a break sometimes, even remote employees. When making the switch to working from home, it can feel like you need to be at your computer every minute of the day, or else it can appear that you are not working. Just remember that all of the micro-distractions that would occur in the office each day are not happening anymore. Whether it be walking, meditating, or just watching 15-minutes of TV, adding an escape to your routine will help you remain productive over time.

Routines can easily bring you motivation and a sense of normalcy. In fact, establishing one gives you the ability to control your schedule, rather than having it feel like your schedule is controlling you. Whether you’re someone who likes to go to the gym and workout early, prepare a healthy breakfast, or just relax, there are plenty of opportunities to create a practice that will leave you feeling energized and ready to seize the day. 

Have a Dedicated Home Office

Creating your home office space is a great way to give you that “at-work feel” in your own household. Over the first few years of remote work, many people have found it difficult to work in areas such as a bedroom, kitchen, or living room. Not being in the right environment can make a huge difference mentally and cause you to feel distracted and unmotivated. If you have extra space within your home, consider making a room or area that mimics your typical workstation. By making your own workspace at home, you may also begin to notice a boost in creativity and productivity in yourself. 

Having a desk with essential items such as a calendar, notepad, and writing utensils can be a huge help when it comes to organizing your thoughts and documents. If you work with a lot of physical documents, investing in a cabinet organizer or filing system can make things much more neat and accessible. A healthy and organized personal space can give you that extra boost of confidence for your new adventure. 

Practice Healthy Habits

A wonderful asset about working from home is eating homemade meals or snacks throughout the day. This is major pro about your first remote job! Taking the time to prepare a healthy sandwich or salad is a huge win for your body, both physically and mentally.

As much as there are many benefits to working from home, there are also some negatives as well. One of them is the lack of exercise that you normally get from working in an office setting. Making trips to the printer, bathroom, or going on a walk during your lunch break can make a huge difference in your day without you knowing it. Being at home, you often don’t have the space to get that exercise. 

Working from home is truly a digital job. Being confined to a digital screen for eight-to-ten hours can be extremely tiresome for your eyes. Remembering to take frequent breaks to move around and give your eyes a rest from looking at a digital screen all day is crucial to your health.

If you still find that your eyes are bothering you, using blue light glasses can be extremely beneficial to your eye health. These lenses can be helpful for decreasing your chance of eye irritation and can be used with any electronic device, so don’t stop wearing them just because your workday is over!

Embrace Communication

Working from home can unfortunately feel lonely at times. Since you’re not in the office you miss out on face-to-face contact and social conversations with your coworkers. Especially if you are someone who lives by yourself, you lose a lot of daily interactions that give you that fulfillment of belongingness. However, just because you’re working remotely does not mean that you can’t communicate effectively with your coworkers. Your first remote job doesn’t have to be lonely.

Make use of company chat systems or email threads with other employees. This is a great way to not only get to know your fellow workers but also to learn to converse online. Be careful though, as many messages that go through these channels can often be misconstrued due to the lack of person-to-person contact. Typos, tone of voice, and punctuation can be a huge factor in getting your message across effectively.

Additionally, if your company offers different channels to connect with those that have similar interests as you such as a cooking channel or reading recommendations, join them! This is a great way to connect with your coworkers on a different level and even discover some helpful tips and tricks from your peers. 

Start Your First Remote Job with Confidence

Overall, remote work is a great benefit to employees. Not only are you accomplishing your workday, but you can also accomplish many personal goals as well.

By developing a routine that best suits your lifestyle and embracing the balance between work and home, your job can provide you with endless opportunities. 


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