Quick, Inexpensive, and Flawless Brows

I have recently discovered how important eyebrows can be in making you look put-together. Honestly, they can make or break a look. Eyebrows frame your eyes and can make all the difference in the world when properly styled. I have naturally blonde hair, so I never thought I needed to put as much attention into my brows because they aren’t as noticeable. However, all eyebrows can be primed and make up to look stunning, no matter the hair color! I know it’s hard (especially in college) to find time for such a small aspect of your entire face, but trust me this is worth it! Read on for my tips on inexpensive, quick, and flawless eyebrows!

Shape and trim

I bet you’re familiar with plucking/waxing your brows, but are you familiar with trimming them? That’s right, this is a thing. To keep your brows from getting too unruly, get an eyebrow brush and stroke them upwards. Using small cosmetic scissors, snip the hairs that extent way past the top of your brow shape. Stoke them downwards and repeat the trimming process. Doing this and plucking regularly will help keep the shape of your eyebrows, and keep them behaving even without product. Be careful not to go overboard! It’s better to under than over pluck. However, if you do snip or pluck too much, there’s products you can use to fill in these mistakes, so don’t freak!


This is a step I often overlooked when doing my daily makeup, but it’s really not as hard or time consuming as I imagined! For this step, you’ll need a brow powder or pencil. I have tried a wide arrange of products for this in the past. I love Anastasia and Benefit, but they’re a bit too pricey for my college budget. I’ve tried drugstore brands, but the color is usually too harsh and doesn’t match my hair, or the product smudges too much and I can’t control it. I’ve recently tried Billion Dollar Brows which is a beauty brand which specializes in perfect eye brows! Their prices are much more reasonable than high end brands, but the quality is definitely better than drugstore products. The best part is they feature a variety of shades so there’s something for everyone, even my dirty blonde hair! They also have a lot of brow kits on their website which give you all the tools you need in one package, so you don’t have to stress about forgetting something!

To fill your brows, first, stroke the hairs upwards with a brow comb. Using your finger or a brow brush, apply a brow powder along the length of your eyebrow concentrating on areas which are thinner than others. Filling your brows with a powder makes them look thick and shapely. If you don’t have a powder, you can try usuing a shade of matter (no sparkles!) eye shadow that matches your hair color. Next, use a brow pencil to apply quick hair-like strokes to your brow. This helps fill in any gaps left by the powder and create a natural finish.


Highlighter is actually my favorite thing. It completely revolutionized the way I do my makeup. Use a highlighter pencil like this one from Billion Dollar Brows which also comes with a handy concealer, and apply it on your brow bone directly under your eyebrow arch and outward. This draws attention to your eyes and makes your face look beautifully contoured!

Finish with a gel

To set your brow makeup and hold the hairs in place, finish with a brow gel. You can also use a clear mascara, but I’ve found that those can get a bit clumpy if you aren’t careful. Apply the gel in the direction of your brows and follow the shape for the most hold.

Take a selfie and enjoy!

Finish the rest of your makeup and continue on your day! It might take a little bit of getting used to, but perfect brows are easy with some practice! If you’re looking for quality products on a budget, check out Billion Dollar Brows! They really know their stuff! I hope this tutorial gave you some tips for your own makeup looks! How do you keep your brows looking great!

(Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Billion Dollar Brows. The only compensation I received was the products mentioned. All opinions are entirely my own.)