Essential resources for college students

Essential Resources for College Students (And How to Get Them for Less!)

If you’re about to start college, you’re probably wondering what the best resources are! Even if you’re finished with college and out working in the “real world,” these resources for college students are still super helpful!

Did you know you’re eligible for a lot of discounts because you’re a student? That’s right, never pay full price again. Honestly, I intend to continue using my college email for discounts until my dying day because it’s such a game changer. Here are the top resources for college students with tips for getting them for less!

Whether you want to make money online in college or simply save some extra money for pizza, these essential resources are for you! Let’s start saving money!

Microsoft Office

I don’t care if you swear by Google Docs, you need to get yourself a Microsoft Office subscription. While Google Docs is great for some things, it doesn’t have all the features of Microsoft Word, and you’ll end up regretting it mid-semester.

Luckily, as a student, you can get a huge discount on a four-year subscription. All you need to get started is a .edu email address. Get your discount here! (Side note, I just discovered an error in the image below from my Milton midterm so let’s all cringe about that!)

resources for college students


Okay, okay, you probably won’t need Spotify for college, per se. But I still think it’s one of the most important resources for college students on this list! You can always use the free version of Spotify if you don’t mind throwing your computer against the wall every time you hear an advertisement.

While the regular subscription price is steep in my humble opinion (I’m just really cheap), the student price is super reasonable. At $4.99 a month, it’s essentially the price of your favorite Starbucks order. So, really, there’s no excuse. Learn more about the student discount here.

Also, check out my Spotify playlist if you want to make fun of my eclectic music taste!

resources for college students

Amazon Prime Student

Amazon Prime Student is so amazing I’ve been using it for years and I’ve written not one but TWO posts about it. Not only does Amazon Prime Student get you access to the wonders of 2-day shipping (this comes in handy when you decide you need to purchase Ramen in bulk), but you also get a ton of killer features and add-ons.

Did I mention you get it free for six months as a student? It’s such a lifesaver for students!

resources for college students

An Amazon Prime membership gives you access to Amazon Prime TV and Movie streaming service which even has its own shows (watch Mozart in the Jungle please, I beg you).

Also, you get access to Prime Reading which is like a virtual library with thousands of titles you can download to your device or e-reader at no extra cost. I know I sound like one of those ads on the free version of Spotify, but this is legit not sponsored. Amazon Prime Student is amazing. Learn more about Amazon Prime Student here.

CourseHero for College Students

As an English major who once had an entire class based around translating Old English, I personally cannot rave enough about CourseHero. I mainly used them for their super crazy in-depth literature guides which helped me graduate with a 3.8 GPA, but they have guides for everything, and even have resources for specific universities.

While you can use their free service, I would recommend their Premium membership if you have a super hard class, you’re falling behind, or you want to access online tutoring. A membership gives you unlimited access to all of their course guides, sample essays, and 24/7 homework help. Tell your parents that if they want you to succeed in life, they need to get you a CourseHero membership. For real. Click here to learn more about how you can rock your GPA.

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Trello is the online planner you never knew you needed. Not only does it manage all of your ideas/deadlines/etc in one place, but you can also add additional users so it’s great for group projects, clubs, friends, online dating (hah), or whatever you need.

I’ve been using Trello for my blog editorial calendar for years, and it’s a beautiful thing. They also have a gold membership which offers more features if you want to get extra fancy. It’s really affordable ($5) and honestly cheaper than buying a legitimate paper planner we all know you won’t use.

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This is probably the best resource for college students on this list. Even though I majored in English, I suck at spelling. Grammarly fixes not only spelling mistakes, but even complicated grammar errors. As a writing tutor, I wish more students used Grammarly.

With an account, you can copy and paste documents into an online editor for a free check, or you can also install it into your Google Chrome browser (10/10 would recommend this method). Installing it in your browser ensures you won’t have any awkward spelling mistakes when you email your professors, and you can sleep well knowing your Facebook posts are English major approved.

You can always sign up for a free account, but a Premium membership allows you access to higher levels of editing and more features like word suggestions and genre-specific tips. The future is now, and Grammarly has delivered us from the dark ages. Get Grammarly here and stop looking like a freshman with your grammar mistakes!

resources for college students

Create Your Own Self-Hosted Website

If you’re on this planet right now in the digital age, you need to get yourself a self-hosted website. I don’t care if you only use it to upload photos of your cat, you need one. Starting a blog is a great way to stand out to future employers and as a college student.

Use my step-by-step guide for getting started for less than $10 with HostGator and WordPress. Seriously, it’s sooooo easy. I use my blog to make money online, and now it’s my full-time job.

From there, set up your own digital portfolio with one of these great free themes. Also, if you do open a blog dedicated to photos of your cat, please send me a link.

resources for college students


If you’re in college, you’re going to be taking a lot of notes. Unless you’re like me and take all your notes on the pages of your books (I call it “annotating”), you need to get Evernote.

Evernote is an online tool that is also available as an app and you can easily organize and store all of your notes in one place. This is perfect for when you get 100% fed up with lugging around pounds of notebooks for each class.

I always used Evernote to view my study guides on the go, like when I’m waiting in line for coffee or walking to call (PSA: do not walk and read, I repeat, do not walk and read).

resources for college students

Evernote is free to everyone for a basic membership, but if you want to sync your documents and notes across several devices, it’s worth paying the $2-5 extra per month for a premium membership.


I am a Quizlet goddess, aka The Queen of Quizlet. Ask anyone in my graduating class. Somehow, my Quizlet Goddess Guides always got sent to the entire class by the time a big test rolled around. It started with one friend asking to use my Award Winning study guides, and the next thing I know it’s spread like the plague and the entire class is using it.

Usually, everyone thanks me after when they ace the midterm because they are JUST THAT GOOD. In case you live under a rock, Quizlet is a virtual flashcard service. They have a great app too, so you can study on the go. Stop buying flash cards and just use Quizlet.

resources for college students

As you can see above, I struggled with Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot.” The best feature of Quizlet is the “Learn” tool which really forces you to memorize the words and definitions. They even have a space themed game that also challenges your understanding of the terms.

A few rounds of the Quizlet tool is all I need to master my test material. They have a premium membership that gives you access to even more learning tools and features. The best part of being a premium member is adding photos to your flashcards which really comes in handy. It’s only $20 a year to become a premium member, so it’s very reasonable on a college budget. (Also, if you’re studying English and want some crazy good study guides, hit me up!)

The Best Resources for College Students

Phew, that was a lot of resources! I have personally used ALL of these, and can’t stop raving about them! Now that I’ve graduated from college, I still use a lot of them and don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon.

The best students don’t do it alone, and there is no shame in using a program or service to help stay organized and on top of things! What are your favorite resources for college students? Do you use any on this list?

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