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Simple Skincare Routine for College

It’s common for younger people to assume that since their skin is fabulous now, it’ll be fabulous forever. But let me just tell you, without proper skincare, your skin will age faster and will likely become less healthy as you age. If you’re like my and have acne prone skin, than you probably already know how important skincare can be. Your routine doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should be thorough! Here’s my skin tips for simple, healthy skin.

Remove your makeup

I know it’s oh so tempting to fall asleep with your makeup on, but you’ll regret it later (and not just because you’ll wake up with raccoon eyes). Every night be sure you remove your makeup. Usually a gentle cleanser is enough to wash away your face makeup, but if you have more stubborn or waterproof products on then makeup wipes can come in handle. Do not scrub your face with a washcloth! It’s harsh and abrasive and don’t do it please!

Wash your face twice a day

Dermatologists agree that this is the perfect amount for proper pH balance. Wash your face too much, and you’ll over dry your skin. Too little and bacteria can build up, causing breakouts and irritation. You don’t have to buy the most expensive cleanser on the market, any gentle face wash should do. I recommend using a fragrance free, natural based product, but you should try different things to see what reacts best with your skin.

Use a toner

As someone with oily skin, a toner has been a great addition to my skincare routine. Once again, you don’t have to invest in a super expensive one. I have acne prone skin and there is a wide range of acne toner products, but I prefer the gentle generic ones myself. Apply some on your skin once a day with a cotton ball. Wait for it to dry before proceeding with your routine.


As someone with oily skin, I never thought I needed to moisturize. I thought it would only make my face more oily. Boy, was I wrong! Moisturizer actually prevents my skin from getting super oily, because it doesn’t feel the need to compensate for the dry nature of my skin after using the cleanser. If you have dry skin, then you should be extra attentive with your moisturizer. Once again, I recommend a natural, gentle brand. My new favorite is derma e (now available at Target) which has both day and nighttime moisturizers for all kinds of skin types!


If you have any blemishes or dark spots, be sure to treat them daily for best results. I’ve recently gotten into using eye creams, which are super important even as a college student! It’s a good habit to get into now, and your skin will thank you later! Derma E has an affordable eye lift cream which is easy and leaves my skin feeling super refreshed. If you have acne, there’s a number of products you can apply to help speed up the healing, but the best are benzoyl peroxide and saysilic acid.


Even if you aren’t going out into direct sunlight, it’s super important to wear sunscreen daily! Look for a moisturizer or foundation that already includes one, and apply more if needed throughout the day! See a dermatologist about any new spots or unusual marks that appear on your skin!


If you do nothing else, keep hydrated. Drink as much water as you can to promote healthy skin! Take care of yourself and be gentle. Remember, your skin is your bodies largest organ, so treat it as such!

Your routine doesn’t need to be complicated! Keep it simple, keep it beautiful!

What’s your skincare routine?

This post was sponsored by Derma E, all opinions are my own.