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Staying Connected in College

Keeping in touch with the people and things you love can be challenging in college! You’re super busy all the time with classes, friends, and maybe even a job. It can be hard to balance everything without losing your sanity! Here are some ways you can stay connected with the people and things you care about in college!

Keep in touch with friends/family from home.

Especially when you first head to college, it’s really important to keep the connections that you have at home alive and well. I know it can be hard to remember the people back home when there’s so much going on at school, but it will help you feel connected to the friends and family who you love. You don’t have to have hour long phone calls home every day–that’s impossible! I’ve found that texting is the easiest way to keep in contact with both friends and family. A lot of my friends from high school went on to different schools around the country, so texting helps us bridge these gaps.

Get involved on campus

Joining clubs and groups on campus not only lets you meet people who share similar passions, but it allows you to stay connected with something you love. College is going to get overwhelming. That’s why it’s so important to have a club or group you look forward to that focuses on something important to you. For example, when I first started college I joined the Creative Writing club. This helped remind me how much I enjoyed writing while also introducing me to people with similar interests.

Take time for yourself.

You’ll never be able to do anything productive if you don’t take time for yourself! Mental health is important in college. Tell yourself that you deserve it, and take some time every day to care for yourself. Whether you indulge in your favorite movie before bed, or you go for a run between classes, these things will all make the other areas of your life more manageable.

Social media

Social media can be a great took for staying connected with peers in college. Unfortunately, a lot of the popular social networking applications such as Facebook don’t give you the privacy you deserve. Did you know Facebook shares your information with third parties? That alone is scary enough! Luckily, there are new social platforms which emphasize personal privacy and control. MeWe is a next-generation social network which blends all of your favorite social features without the hassle and complicated terms and conditions. If you’re interested in joining MeWe, click here to get started! Be sure to add me as a contact! And join my lifestyle group College Life for college tips and tricks!


How do you stay connected in college?

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