preparing to graduate

Surviving Senioritis: Preparing to Graduate

This time two weeks from now, I will officially be a college graduate. Honestly, that sounds unreal and more than a little terrifying. I’ve been posting a lot recently on transitioning from college to the “real world,” but today I thought I would post on how to survive the final few weeks before graduation! As the countdown continues, it’s hard to feel motivated! When Dunkin’ Donuts suggested an end of the semester collaboration to celebrate the release of some of their new (and super delicious!) iced coffee flavors, I knew I wanted to share some tips for finishing your final semester strong!

preparing to graduate

Make Plans

It can be scary to think about what life will be like in the mysterious “real world” that supposedly exists after graduation! Having a plan in place is a great way to ease the tension towards the end of the semester. Remember, there’s no “right” thing to do after graduation. You can take some time to relax at home, you can travel, or you can get a job! Listening to your peer’s plans might make you anxious if you don’t already have 3 internships lined up, but don’t stress! Everyone goes at their own pace, and everyone is allowed to have different plans!

Unsure where to start? Here are some cool programs for recent grads that are worth looking into. You can also search for an internship, or take the time to travel. I suggest taking a day or two on a slow day to apply for and research different positions and options! Are you having no luck finding jobs related to your major? Don’t stress! There’s no shame in taking a part-time job in retail or food service while you keep searching! Remember: any experience is good experience!

preparing to graduate

Dress Shopping

Another great way to get excited about graduation is to go dress shopping! Just because your dress/outfit will probably be covered by your gown the entire time doesn’t

mean you shouldn’t dress your best! This is your big day, and you’re going to want to look great in all the pictures you’re bound to take! Get some friends (and a Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee!) and head to your favorite store!

If you have your dress and cap in advance, I would highly recommend taking some graduation pictures before your actual graduation date! If you’ve ever attended a graduation ceremony before, then you already know how hectic things get after they’ve handed out the diplomas! Families are everywhere, students are moving in and out of housing, and it’s basically a chaotic mess! Trying to take Instagram-worthy graduation photos while people are carrying giant boxes and bags across campus is just not a good idea. You’re never going to be able to pose in front of the best parts of campus during this busy event. Instead, choose a quiet day in advance where you can take your time and pose for photos! This way you won’t feel stressed about taking the perfect photo on graduation day, and can instead focus on enjoying the time with your friends and family.

Stay Caffeinated

It’s no surprise that college students everywhere rely on coffee to survive busy college days. Before I started college, I never drank coffee. Once I lived on campus, I was indoctrinated into the beautiful world of coffee, and my life has never been the same since! Luckily for me, my apartment is right next to a Dunkin’ Donuts, making it my g0-to every morning before class! Their iced coffee is by far my favorite, and the baristas at my location really know the perfect almond milk to coffee ratio (no easy feat!).

preparing to graduate

Celebrate the end of the semester with their new spring flavors: Coconut Creme Pie and Butter Pecan! They’re the perfect amount of sweet, and they really help shake up my very boring coffee routine. You’ve worked so hard these past four years, it’s time to treat yourself to America’s favorite coffee! Let’s be honest, studying for finals is the worst! Make it suck less with a flavored iced coffee! Seriously, try the Coconut Creme Pie flavor, it’s life changing!

Decorate your Cap

When I graduated high school, we wore white dresses instead of caps and gowns. While this was pretty, I seriously was upset about not getting to decorate my own cap! I have a secret Pinterest board dedicated to my favorite cap designs, and I have been preparing for this moment since I first started college! Decorating your own cap is a great way to personalize your very bland graduation ensemble, and it’s a great memory of your time in college.

I had a lot of ideas for personalizing my cap, but in the end, I decided to dedicate it to my favorite drink: coffee! I love how it came out, and I can’t wait to rock this look at graduation!

preparing to graduate

Want some ideas for your own graduation cap design? Here’s my Pinterest board full of ideas!

Preparing to Graduate

Congratulations on your graduation! Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the “real world,” and finish your final semester strong! Whether you plan to go to grad school, or you’re going to start working right away, remember to make the most of the next few years. This is the time to experiment and try new things! Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments, and look forward to making new ones! How are you preparing to graduate?

This post was sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts, but all opinions are mine alone.