Taking care of devices in college

Taking Care of Your Devices in College

In college, your phone and laptop are basically your lifelines. I mean, how will you write papers, apply to internships, and watch cat videos on YouTube without your devices? Because I know just how vital devices are in college, I was thrilled to partner with Batteries Plus Bulbs® to share these tips for taking care of all your devices in college.

While I’ve always been pretty good at taking care of my laptops over the years, I have to admit that I’m a serial phone killer. I got my first cellphone in elementary school and managed to lose it within a month. My phone killer tendencies struck again in high school when I accidentally sent my iPhone through a cycle in the washing machine. You would think I would have learned my lesson after that, but no. In college, I accidentally smashed my screen on a tile floor over winter break and was stuck without a phone for a week while I mailed it away for a new one.

Each time I broke my phone was more traumatic than the last, as I suddenly found myself severed from social media and my email for the time it took me to either repair my phone or find a replacement! Don’t be like me! Follow these tips to ensure you’re taking proper care of your devices in college.

Take care of your battery

There’s a pretty interesting science behind taking good care of your battery. If you’ve ever noticed your device’s battery doesn’t work like it used to when you first got it, then odds are you need to make some adjustments in how you treat your device! The battery inside your laptop, tablet, and phone works a lot differently than disposable batteries. Your devices operate on a lithium-ion battery, and this battery needs to be taken care of properly to keep performing at high levels.

While you might have heard that it’s best to charge your phone, to 100%, for example, this can actually be harsh on a lithium-ion battery. The ideal charge range is between 40-80%. In addition, heat can be really detrimental to the overall life of your battery, which is bad news if you live in Florida like me.

Here are some easy ways to keep your device’s battery running smoothly:

  • Instead of charging your device to 100% and then running it down to 0%, charge it in small increments regularly.
  • Store your devices in a dry place at or below room-temperature when not in use.
  • Make sure your laptop has proper ventilation to avoid overheating the battery!
  • Never leave your phone in direct sunlight for a long time or in a hot place like a car.

No matter what you do, your batteries are going to die someday. If you notice your battery isn’t working as well as it used to or it stops holding a charge, it’s time for a new one. The good news is it’s pretty easy and affordable to get a new battery for your laptop, tablet, or phone. Batteries Plus Bulbs offers batteries for all of your devices. They can also perform repairs on phones, laptops, tablets and even headphones – quickly in store in their We Fix It® Repair Centers, so your devices are back up and running like new in no time!

Taking care of devices in college

Cleaning your device

Did you know your phone can actually be dirtier than a public toilet? I mean, we handle our phone all day and it comes in contact with a lot of different germs and bacteria, so it’s no wonder it’s so disgusting. You might be wondering the best way to keep your phone, tablet, and laptop clean, especially on college campuses.

When cleaning your device, you need to be careful you don’t harm it in the process! Keep your phone away from water and debris like dirt and sand when possible. You don’t want to use any harsh chemicals on your phone or laptop because these can damage screens! You can purchase a designated electronic cleanser that is safe for screens, or make a solution yourself with alcohol, water, and a microfiber cloth. To remove debris from a keyboard, use compressed air or scotch tape.

Purchase a secure case

If I had a legit, secure case in college, my phone would have survived me accidentally dropping it from a counter onto the tile floor. While my shiny case was super pretty, it did little to actually protect my phone from damage. Check that your phone case will actually prevent breakage in case of a fall, and consider using a screen protector to keep your screen from scratching.

You can also find cases to protect your laptops and tablets! Always secure your laptop and tablet safely, especially if you carry it in your school backpack with books and binders that can cause damage. It’s worth spending a little extra on a nice case that will actually protect your device than have to pay for a new device or repair!

taking care of devices in college

See an expert

Let’s face it, accidents happen. Even the most careful students experience cracked screens, broken phones, and the blue screen of death. As a college student, you don’t always have time to waste when it comes to fixing your phone or laptop in time to submit your assignments.

Instead of sending your device away or waiting in line at your campus help desk, just take it right to the experts. Batteries Plus Bulbs has a team of repair techs called We Fix It® that can diagnose and repair any problems you might run into – including repairing or replacing screens, buttons, ports and components. Avoid waiting in line and save $10 by scheduling a repair appointment online through their website. You can be in and out with your repaired device in 30 minutes to an hour when you schedule an appointment online and visit your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store.

taking care of devices in collegeThe Importance of Device Care

Nothing is worse than a broken phone or laptop in college. Luckily, the We Fix It Repair Center at Batteries Plus Bulbs makes fixing your device hassle-free. Hopefully, you won’t ever lock your phone in a rinse cycle like me, but, if you do, Batteries Plus Bulbs has your back. Your device will be fixed in no time! They fix everything from headphones to laptops!

Remember to take good care of your devices to keep them functioning well for as long as possible. However, no device is designed to last forever, so be sure to maintain your phones and laptops as best as you can and get repairs when you need them!

I would like to thank my local Batteries Plus Bulbs store near UCF in Orlando, FL for giving me such a great tour! What are your tips for taking care of your devices in college? Let me know in the comments!

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Taking care of your phone and laptop in college is a must! I partnered with Batteries Plus Bulbs to share some easy ways to keep your devices running smoothly in college, as well as what to do if you need a repair quickly! #ad