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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Working Out

There are few things I dread more than working out. Honestly, it makes no sense seeing as I did four years of varsity sports in high school (cross country and track forever!). Maybe that’s why I dread it so much now. I’m in college full-time and I work part-time, so finding the energy to go to the gym and get some exercise can be rough. If you’re lazy like me, try some of these tips!

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Start early

If you spend your whole day dreading the gym like I do, then get it out of the way asap! Eat a light breakfast and get your sneakers on! Don’t think about it or you’ll talk yourself into putting it off for just a few hours–or days. Going early in the day gives you a guaranteed sense of accomplishment. So even if you do nothing else with the rest of the day, you still got off the couch so gold star for you!

Netflix and gym

If you’ve never Netflixed at the gym before then you are doing it wrong. I park myself on one of the stationary bikes and binge watch Greys Anatomy. The more engrossing the show, the better! You won’t even realize you’re working out, you’ll be so entertained. Sometimes I have to remind myself I have to stop biking at some point cause I’m having so much fun.

Try an app

I personally am a huge fan of workout apps! They’re super customizable and it’s like having my own personal trainer without the expense! Try these apps before you splurge on a fancy spin class!

  • Zombies Run! – This app actually motivates me to get out and run in the Florida heat, and that’s saying something. Zombie Run! is an interactive running game you can do no matter where you run! It even has a setting that lets you get chased by zombies! I love hearing the character’s stories, and it’s addictive.
  • Sworkit – Sworkit lets you choose which area of your body you want to target, and then it creates a custom workout with step-by-step instructions and videos! It’s free, but there’s a premium membership that has a lot of great features!
  • Today – The Today app tracks your habits and basically shames you into never skipping a day!

It doesn’t have to be the gym

If the thought of working out inside makes you want to explode, take a day to break the routine. Go outside! Go for a fun, a walk, go kayaking, or recreational cliff diving! The point is to just get active, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a gym or your backyard.

Workout from the couch!

Did you know there are sooooo many great workouts you can do from the comfort of your own living room or dorm! No joke! There are a plethora of YouTube videos which can walk you through yoga at home, cardio routines, and Zumba. There’s also body weight exercises you can do from anywhere! Here are some of my favorite resources!

Get fit and conquer! What are your favorite workout tips?